Australian wins $1 million us powerball prize with lottosmile!

Australian superdraw – the countdown is on

Australian Superdraw = Super Jackpot + Super Odds

With such a large Jackpot to bet on, the best feature about the Saturday Lotto in Australia is that there are only 45 balls to choose from!

To win the Division 1 Jackpot Prize, you must match your 6 selected numbers from a field of 1-45 with the six winning numbers chosen in the Saturday Lotto.

It is extremely rare (if not impossible!) to find a 6/45 lottery that offers a $20 million dollar jackpot anywhere in the lottery universe.

The odds of choosing 6 numbers correctly out of a field of 45 balls make this lottery statistically easier to win the jackpot than most major lotteries out there.

When you factor in the format of the draw coupled with the size of the Superdraw Jackpot, this lottery is certainly worth paying attention to.


LottoSmile Brings US Powerball to the World

G. is the third player to win $1 million playing US Powerball with LottoSmile in 2016 and the fourth ever. B.U from the U.K was the first to win $1 million in 2012 playing US Powerball with LottoSmile. H.V. from El Salvador won $1 million in the historic 13 January 2016 draw that saw the record $1.59 billion jackpot won and P. from Quebec won $1 million in February 2016 by continuing to play US Powerball with LottoSmile after January’s jackpot mania subsided.

G. is the first Australian player from LottoSmile to win $1 million playing US Powerball and proof that it doesn’t matter what country, continent, or hemisphere you live in: you can win the world’s largest and most exciting jackpots from wherever you live! It’s interesting that G. won his prize playing Powerball, when he could be playing the best Australian lotteries. But then, LottoSmile enables players to play their favourite lotteries all over the world!

Special AU$20 Million Superdraw Jackpot

The 12 jackpot-winning tickets matched all six numbers – 18, 19, 26, 27, 38 and 43 – in the draw on Saturday 16th February to win just over AU$1.6 million each. Seven of the Saturday Lotto jackpot-winning entries were from Victoria, with two apiece from New South Wales and Western Australia, and one from the Tasmania region.

There were over one million winners on the night, including 118 players who matched all five main numbers and one of the two Supplementary numbers – 15 or 22 – to take home AU$10,488 each. The draw saw more than double the amount of winners crowned compared to the previous normal draw.

Saturday Lotto  are held at various points over the year in Australia, offering a much bigger jackpot prize compared to normal draws. The Superdraw jackpots available normally range between AU$18 and AU$30 million, and the next special draw should be taking place later this year.

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Good Luck!

Next Australian Superdraw…

November 2, 2019

Australia’s Saturday Lotto draws take place at 20.30 AEST (21.30 AEDT) on Saturdays.

The sales cut-off at takes place 12 hours before the draw.

All dollar amounts quoted above are in Australian currency.

Australia’s Saturday Lotto Winning Number Combinations

Division 1
Match all 6 winning numbers
Prize: Win or Share the JACKPOT
% of Prize Pool: 28%
Odds of winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Division 2
Match 6 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers
Odds of winning: 1 in 678,655
% of Prize Pool: 3.8%

Division 3
Match 5 winning numbers
Odds of winning: 1 in 36,689
% of Prize Pool: 8.2%

Division 4
Match 4 winning numbers
Odds of winning: 1 in 733
% of Prize Pool: 12.4%

Division 5
Match 3 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers
Odds of winning: 1 in 297
% of Prize Pool: 20.8%

Division 6
Match 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers
Odds of winning: 1 in 144
% of Prize Pool: 26.8%

Must be 18+
T&Cs apply, found on our website.
Please bet responsibly > 

“It Feels Like It’s Not Real. I Really Can’t Believe It”

A woman from Adelong, New South Wales, was one of the lucky winners. She has decided to remain anonymous after buying her winning Quick Pick entry from an Adelong Newsagency on 57 Tumut Street. She has expressed a desire to use some of her seven-figure winnings to go on holiday to Canada, and revealed she had been “playing Saturday Lotto for decades”.

She struggled to put into words what it felt like to be a big winner, and said: “It’s a bit hard to take in. It feels like it’s not real. I saw on Facebook that an unregistered player in Adelong had won division one (a jackpot prize), and thought I had better check my ticket. I really can’t believe it.”

Cheri Ryan, owner of the Adelong Newsagency that sold the winning entry, said it was the first big prize they had sold in eight years. She explained: “Our first thought was that we must have read the results wrong. As you can imagine in a town of only one thousand people there has been plenty of excitement and much speculation on the possibility of a local being the winner.

“We have sold a few division two (second prize tier) winning entries in the past but this is the first entry we’ve sold worth more than AU$1 million. We wish the lucky winner all the best and really hope it does improve their life.”

Tasmania Winner Cannot Believe Her Luck

Elsewhere, a woman from Kingston in Hobart, Tasmania, has still been coming to terms with the fact she matched all six numbers in the Superdraw. She bought her winning entry from the Channel Newsworld Lotto store in Channel Highway, Kingston, and her jackpot win was confirmed during a telephone conversation with Tatts, an official lottery operator in Tasmania.

She said: “I can’t believe it! I thought I might have had a few numbers but I didn’t realise until a few minutes ago that we had all of them. I only play every now and then and usually grab a Quick Pick. I only bought into this draw because I was right next to the shop!”

The ecstatic winner also revealed how the delay in her coming forward to claim her winnings was because she didn’t have access to the internet and hadn’t checked the newspaper, so “had no idea there was a winner in the area”. She has revealed plans to maybe buy a new car and do some jobs around the house.

Mike Ditcham, a business partner of Channel Newsworld Lotto, added: “Congratulations to our winner! We wish her good luck and hope she is able to realise all of her dreams! We hope our winner enjoys this once in a lifetime opportunity and makes the most of it!”

The upcoming Saturday Lotto draw has a jackpot worth AU$4 million up for grabs, and you can see how you get on by filling out a playslip from any licensed retailer in Australia, or picking your numbers online. Good luck to you all!

Australia’s Saturday Lotto History

The Saturday Lotto has been a regular fixture on the Australian Lottery Calendar for over 48 years! In the early days, the draw featured only 40 balls in the main pool of numbers.

There has been only one major change to the lotto in the years since. On July 6th, 1985 for the 413th draw, the Saturday Lotto introduced a new game format to decrease the chances of winning the jackpot prize.  It is the same game format we still enjoy today.

Every Saturday night, 8 balls are drawn at random from forty five balls numbered 1 to 45.

The first 6 balls drawn are the “winning numbers” and the last two numbers are the “supplementary numbers”.

The Division 1 Jackpot prize is awarded for matching all 6 winning numbers.

A prize can be won by matching as few as one of the winning numbers and both supplementary numbers. In total there are 6 separate prize divisions available to be won.

Approximately six or seven times per year, a special Jackpot of $20 million or more is guaranteed in Australia’s Saturday Lotto. These are called Australian Superdraws.


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