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California Lotto - history of creation

California Lotto originated in 1984 year. Many players don't know, but exactly 6 November of the same year, the California State Lottery Act was passed, bringing this game to a qualitatively new level of legalized, a full-fledged lottery. The first edition has passed 24.01.1985 of the year, Kennard Webster was responsible for the cash prizes, George Dokmae and Howard Vernner.

To make everything go at the highest level, and the California Lottery has become a valid, these, world famous people, made a lot of effort. It was extremely difficult to comply with the state level, but the organizers opened in just three months the lottery headquarters in Richards, north of downtown.

First Lottery Leaders

The lottery was run by the Governor of California, and Mark Michalko became a lottery lawyer in 1985 year. The lawyer was accepted, to ensure the correct execution of the game. The first lottery game was Scratchers and was held 14 October 1986 of the year.

How to buy tickets?

With the help of an intermediary site, residents of Russia can purchase tickets via the Internet. To do this, a resident of the Russian Federation must do the following.

  1. Take a simple registration on the site. All steps of registration manipulations are described in great detail during data entry. After registration, the player receives a personal account, in which his game account will be stored, keep correspondence with the site administration, scans of tickets will be sent there.
  2. Select the desired lottery and click "Buy ticket".
  3. Choose a number combination for the game or use the random number generator to automatically fill the ticket.
  4. Pay for the ticket using the methods provided by the intermediary.
  5. Receive a scan of a ticket by mail.

As you can see, nothing complicated.

In Russia

Residents of Russia can become owners of a Powerball lottery ticket in several ways. The first way is to fly to the United States and buy a ticket in person. This option is very expensive, so he is too out of touch with reality.

To purchase a Powerball lottery ticket, a resident of Russia must choose a reliable intermediary and register on the website. After that, you should select the Powerball lottery from the list and pay for the ticket via the Internet. The middleman buys a ticket in the United States, scans it and sends it to the player in the personal account. If a player becomes the owner of a jackpot or other large prize, which you need to fly to the USA, then this scanned copy of the ticket will be the basis for the payment of the prize.


Each lottery player has the opportunity to purchase a ticket, unless they live in Alaska, Hawaii, in Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada or Utah. Participants from these states are not allowed to purchase Powerball tickets. Residents of all other states of America can buy a ticket absolutely free.

There is a way out of this situation - buying a ticket in an authorized state. To do this, players had to go to another state and make a purchase there.

Good, now the Powerball lottery gives players the chance to buy a ticket on the official website. Residents of other countries can also purchase a ticket via the Internet. It is very convenient, although it assumes the presence of a certain commission. But, anyway, it's cheaper, than flying to the USA for a ticket.

How to fill out a ticket and play?

Filling out a ticket is an easy step. You just need to select a number set from the presented range and add it to the ticket. Each player chooses 5 numbers from 69 possible to create a combination of main numbers and 1 number of 26 possible as an additional game ball.

California Lotto - game rules

"Super lotto" is the most winning lottery in California, her playstyle resembles that of Mega million. Draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday. The first name of the game sounded like "California Lottery", but some time later, namely in 2000 year the name was changed, which did not affect the principle of the game "Super lotto".

Super Lotto jackpots

The smallest jackpot of this game was about 1 000 000 US dollars, and the biggest one is 193 000 dollars. Anyone can win, especially if you are a gambler, lottery loves excitement and risk. The risky, it is your ticket that may end up being lucky.

Jackpots, despite its huge amount, always paid on time and without a single nuance. The main thing to know, what do you play on the lottery site, you are not a member of illegal lotteries. Unlike many others, this site guarantees the payment of winnings without delays and problems.

Change of rules

IN 1996 year, by lawsuit, California Supreme Court overturned license, arguing his sentence to those, that this game is not legalized in California, and that such "events" have a bad effect on the state. Therefore, in response to court decisions, the rules of the game have been changed to be more suitable for the government, which allowed the organizers to resume the work of the lottery with full rights to the payment of prize fees to citizens, who play the california lottery.

IN 2005 year California Lotto became part of the "Mega Million", and continued playing on more favorable terms.

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