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Gambling in Montenegro is unusually developed. Among the states of the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro takes a leading position in the provision of quality services to gamblers. Montenegrin laws are very loyal to gambling, therefore, opening a casino here is not at all difficult. You will not believe, but in a rather small territory of the country there are more 500 gambling establishments. Ie. on 1 300 residents have one club. for example, casinos in England are five times smaller, than in Montenegro.

The local population is quite reckless, but there are practically no special funds in the country, who fight gambling addiction. From the point of view of tourists from Russia, visiting this country is beneficial and convenient. They speak Russian here, a visa to cross the border not required. Developed system, controlling gambling in the country, considered the most efficient in Europe. Numerous casinos provide impressive budget payments, which has a positive effect on the country's economy. Firstly, this money is spent on numerous social programs. Among the most famous gambling clubs in the state there are:

  • Montenegro - casino located in the center of Podgorica.
  • Cattaro and WIN - a club in Kotor (resort).
  • Queen of Montenegro - large complex with bar and casino, located in Budva.
  • Avala is another large casino in Budva. This club belongs to the elite establishments. More than 30 tables, roulette, poker etc.
  • Sveti Stefan - casino, located on St. Stephen's Island. There was once a citadel in this building.

Gambling establishments in Budva

Budva is a big resort in Montenegro. For the entertainment of tourists there are water attractions, water parks, discos, museums. Gambling travelers can visit gambling establishments. They are in hotels, separate halls are few. Montenegro has casinos with high stakes and for players on a lower budget.

Where to play in Budva:

  • Merit Casino Avala, Mediterranean 2. Located next to the Old Town, in a separate building. There are guards at the entrance, dress code not respected, but in swimming trunks and swimsuits will not be allowed. Bets from 20 euros, even on weekends.
  • Merit Casino Royal Splendid, Bechichi. Small hall, which has a card table, slot machines, roulette. Located in the hotel, making it harder to access. Bar is open, waiters.
  • Aman Sveti Stefan on the island of Sveti Stefan. Closed room for outsiders. Large playground, rates from 100 €.

In summer there is a large influx of players to these casinos, especially in the evening. For a good game, plan a hike in the afternoon or morning. Gambling establishments open from 10:00.

Regulation of the betting business in Montenegro

The gambling business in Montenegro was legalized in 2006 year. Since the approval of the gambling legislation, a regulator has been established, who issues licenses, checking the activities of gambling establishments and bookmakers for compliance with the requirements of honesty and transparency – Game of Chance Administration.

The license is issued for all types of activities in the field of gambling, including the organization of bookmakers. FROM 2011 years online sweepstakes became available in the country. In connection with the updating of the legislation, an additional body was created – E-Gambling Montenegro. Before, how to get a license to provide online services, the organizer of the internet bookmaker must conclude an agreement with E-Gambling Montenegro.

Tax in Montenegro is assessed as the BCs themselves, and winnings, received by players from bets. At the same time, operators pay corporate tax, component 9% from income, and betters give to the state 15% of the received amount. For this reason, betting fans are increasingly using the services of European online sweepstakes., which are also allowed on the territory of the country in accordance with EU laws.

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