Where to buy a ticket for European lotteries

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Where you can buy a ticket without risk

Due to certain circumstances, Roskomnadzor blocks intermediary sites. But they come back online under different domain names and with a different design.. It's hard to recognize them. And this is not the main problem.

In this situation, one-day things breed, in which scammers pretend to be intermediaries, helping to participate from Russia in European lotteries. They collect huge amounts of money, make players overpay at times. But then the tickets are not sent. Who is warned, he is armed: there is important information about, how not to fall into the network of crooks.

There are two types of sellers of lottery tickets for foreign players: open and cloudy. Do not confuse them, because they use completely different schemes of work.

  • Open intermediaries. They are transparent. The client sees all the information before the transaction: prices, terms of purchase, shares, etc. This data is either on the main page, or in a special section of the site. The buyer has the opportunity to decide, is he satisfied with the ticket price. Registration is not required for this, all prices are visible to site visitors.
  • Muddy companies. They are also called invisible. They hide all important information from a potential client.. Ticket prices can only be found after registration, by sending them to the basket.

Interest (or commission) all types of intermediaries have ticket sales. This is the essence and salt of their earnings. And it doesn't bother anyone. Only for some reason, some companies try to hide information from visitors, therefore they are not very popular among experienced players.

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