Through which intermediary to play

Eurojackpot: how to play one of the most popular lotteries in Europe

Through which intermediary to play

Unfortunately, most reseller sites, like most of the official sites of international lotteries in Russia, was blocked by Roskomnadzor. For what reason was this done, nobody knows. Furthermore, those sites, who work now, too sooner or later will be blocked, this cannot be avoided.

But the intermediaries do not give up and continue to create more and more new domain names., which at least for a certain period allow users to get access to the purchase of the coveted ticket. Also, more advanced Internet users know how to use special tools to bypass locks.

It all starts to get boring, as users, and by the mediator. This leads to, that international lotteries are becoming less popular. And in the end, they, most probably, will completely leave the Russian-speaking market.

But until that happened, I want to mention one of the most honest intermediaries - Agentlotto. Why do I consider him honest? Because, that they work according to the most transparent scheme and send users scanned copies of purchased tickets.

Generally, watch the video, which shows their scheme of work:

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