All about the EuroMillion lottery (EuroMillions)

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All about the EuroMillions lottery

I think, it is logical - to learn a little about the history and traditions of the lottery, before you start playing. And in EuroMillions, financial traditions are especially interesting - distribution of funds. I am sure, that they pleasantly shock you.

But let's start from the very beginning., since the beginning of the lottery.

It was not so long ago - the first draw took place in 2004 year in Paris, the declared grand prize was 15 million euros won by a participant from France.

EuroMillions initially established three countries: Great Britain, France and Spain. Later they were joined by other members., and now the number of co-founders is 13 countries.

The lottery jackpot has a cumulative character with a boundary "ceiling" - that is, when the sum of the main prize reaches a certain line (190 million euros) the rise stops. If no one wins this huge amount, founders start raising prizes in the second and third categories. And if the results of the EuroMillions draws are not happy with the Jackpot, then they certainly inspire the owners of minor winnings, because then the whole amount is evenly distributed between them.

But this is not the most interesting part of the lottery either.. It turns out, that the founders of the project are very altruistic people. They only leave to themselves 0,5% from the proceeds from ticket sales.

The rest is distributed in this way:

  • 50% - for prizes to winners of all categories;
  • 28% - to support charitable foundations;
  • 12% - to the state treasury;
  • 5% - commission to ticket distributors;
  • 4,5% - for current expenses.

What is EuroMillions lottery game??

EuroMillions game was organized by 3 European states:

  • Spain;
  • Great Britain;
  • France.

More countries have joined during its lottery history: Ireland, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Isle Of Man, Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg.

The lottery prize fund is distributed as follows:

  • 28 percent of the founders send to the implementation of charitable programs;
  • 12 percent allocated to the state;
  • 5 percent are paid as commissions to lottery ticket sellers;
  • 4,5 percent spent by the founders on the costs of the game;
  • 0,5 founders keep.

It is not often in the modern world of gambling that you can meet organizers, whose income is at the very bottom of the list of the prize fund section and at the same time is the minimum amount.

Since the lottery is world wide and the army of its fans is in the hundreds of thousands, then the prize fund, respectively, very big. Hence the multi-million dollar prizes for participants.

Some information about the prizes

You can only show your legal rights to monetary reward in that country., where the lucky ticket was purchased. In that case, when the ticket was purchased by a non-resident of the participating countries, ticket seller website support will help you collect your money.

If the jackpot has not been won during the game, then it is added to the sum for the next game. And this summation will continue until then., until it reaches its maximum amount of 190 million euros. After reaching your ceiling, the jackpot is still raffled 4 times. But if after that there is no winner, then the cherished millions will be divided among the winners of the second category. The minimum amount starts from 15 million, and to win it, you need to match all seven numbers on the ticket.

Depending on the country, where the ticket was purchased the rules for issuing winnings are correspondingly different. The best conditions for receiving prizes and the participating countries are shown in the table.

How to play EuroMillions from Russia lottery?

As mentioned above, will have to play through an intermediary, selling tickets for European lotteries online.

With this method, true, there are significant risks, since you can never be sure on 100% in the decency of the service, but no other choice. Concerning, before transferring money to an intermediary, offering to purchase European lotteries, inquire about it: how long has it been in existence and is there any negative customer reviews about it.

Do not go to the first lottery service that catches your eye in a search engine. Compare several sentences - maybe, competitors have better conditions, or there is a special offer at the moment, allowing you to purchase tickets with a good discount.

Exist 2 working schemes of lottery brokers.

  • The first implies real intermediary services, when a ticket is bought for a client. for example, this is how the Spanish service works.
  • The second scheme is based on the "secondary" lottery model, when the intermediary accepts bets from the client on the outcome of the draw of his chosen lottery, without purchasing a ticket from the relevant operator.

In case of winning, such a broker pays the client "out of pocket". And since the payoff can be great, a hedge fund is created for risk insurance, which is gradually replenished from the sale of tickets. Thus, interest is included in the ticket price:

  • on probable gain (to 50%);
  • to pay gambling tax (percentage depends on the country);
  • for hedging (from 15%).

An example of such a service is It is analogous to the foreign site, who for some reason stopped serving clients from Russia.

Where to check the results

Large lottery, therefore, cases of winning the jackpot are reported by the central European and Russian media. Check a regular ticket in several ways:

  • watch the news on Paris TV;
  • go to the organizer's website;
  • find the record of the draw on the internet.

Most of the official representatives of Euromillion in other countries notify their buyers in case of winning by SMS, a call or an e-mail message.

Important! Channels, who broadcast the draw: BBC1 (Great Britain), RTE One (Ireland), TF1 (England), TVE2 (Spain), Headlines и VRT Één (Belgium), ORF2 (Austria), RTS Two (Switzerland), TVI (Portugal). These channels can be watched online in real time

If desired, the release of the program for a specific number can easily be found in the English-speaking segment of the Internet..

Also by foreign operators, working with players remotely, a habit of posting the results on their official websites. The speed of information disclosure depends on the efficiency of the resource owners. On average, information about the circulation of interest to Russian players appears with a delay by 1-3 days.


For any resident of Russia, the rules of a foreign lottery at first glance are regarded as incomprehensible, intricate and difficult to understand. This is just at the beginning. It is worth taking part once and everything will immediately fall into place.

It should be noted, that before the game, many participants prefer to familiarize themselves with the statistics of falling numbers. This data is freely available on the pages of the official lottery website. If you bet on those numbers, which drop most often, then you can significantly increase the chances of winning the draw.

The probability of getting a prize in the EuroMillions game is 1 to 13. Such odds are rare in a large lottery, in other popular games they are several times lower.

The combination of matched numbers and the probability of receiving prizes of different denominations is shown in the table below.

Guess numbers Probability of winning Estimated winnings
5 + 2 1 to 116 531 800 37828,849 euros
5 + 1 1 to 6 473 989 313890 euros
5 1 to 3 236 995 54946 euros
4 + 2 1 to 517 920 3285 euros
4 + 1 1 to 28 774 147 euros
4 1 to 14487 72 euros
3 + 2 1 to 11 771 46 euros
2 + 2 1 to 882 14 euros
3 + 1 1 to 654 10 euros
3 1 to 327 8 euros
1 + 2 1 to 157 7 euros
2 + 1 1 to 46 5 euros
2 1 to 23 2 euros
On average, the probability of getting one of the prizes is 1 to 13.

Let's take a closer look at the rules of the game.

The participant must choose 5 numbers in the range 1-50. Besides, he must determine 2 extra numbers from the matrix 1-11. Additional numbers are called Lucky Stars or simply "stars". To determine the size of the win, they are the key ones..

Five Main Numbers for Medium Winnings. But Lucky Stars give a chance to get a jackpot.

According to mathematical statistics and probability theory, then it is almost impossible to correctly determine such a number of combination numbers. But the statistics of EuroMillions lottery winnings prove the opposite.. Europeans often win the main prize of the lottery. All because, that the lottery game is focused purely on Luck, not scientific theories.

The minimum fixed main prize for the game is 15 000 000 euros. Besides, sometimes super-draws are held. In them, the jackpot starts at one hundred million.

How to play EuroMillions from Russia lottery?

Participation scheme EuroMillions lottery for Russians will be next:

  1. The participant must register on the selected intermediary resource (for example in Agentlotto, then go to your personal account and replenish your own account using a wire transfer.
  2. Next, choose EuroMillions from the list of lotteries provided, specifying the date of the drawing, and buy a ticket.
  3. After, how the indicated cost of participation in the lottery will be debited from your account, it remains to wait for confirmation of the purchase of a ticket by e-mail, specified during registration. Also, the client will be provided with a scan of the purchased ticket.
  4. If the purchased ticket is lucky, you will receive a notification of the win by e-mail.
  5. Small cash prizes are transferred to the client's personal account, where the funds can be withdrawn to a bank card or electronic wallet.
  6. If you managed to win a large sum of money, will have to personally go to the country, where the lottery was held, and get your winnings in your hands. Also, a participant can issue a power of attorney for an intermediary to receive finance, which will later be transferred to a personal account. However, not every person wants to trust large sums of money to strangers..

How to find an intermediary correctly?

There are many sites on the internet, offering services for the purchase of lottery tickets abroad

Important to remember, that none of them are official. therefore, to avoid unnecessary waste and protect yourself from scammers

  • If you want to find reliable representatives, selling European lotteries in Russia, reviews from other members should be your main assistant in the search.
  • Also search for data about the selected site in search engines, find out, how long has a certain resource been running.
  • Do not transfer money to the account of the first service that comes across. Take the time to waste your time, to compare multiple sites. Not excluded, that during your search you can find better deals, promotions or discounts on different resources.

How to increase your chances of winning

The answer to this question is pretty simple: purchase more EuroMillions tickets. So, if you only have one ticket, the chance of winning is approximately 1/13. As the number of tickets purchased increases, so does the chance of getting a cash prize.

However, buying a large number of lottery tickets (especially through intermediaries) is very costly. Therefore, the best solution would be a group game.. So, participants can organize their own lottery syndicate. This will require:

  • gather a group of people, willing to invest;
  • jointly choose rooms and purchase tickets;
  • define, how the possible winnings will be divided;
  • wait for the lottery results, pick up the won funds and divide them among all members of the syndicate.

According to reviews, in about half of the cases, all participants manage to cover the amounts spent, invested when buying tickets.

Austrian EuroMillions Lottery Review (Euromillions)


Parameters The values
rules 5 of 50 + PB 2 of 12
Participants Austria
Draw time W. 21:00
Fri. 21:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are not subject to local tax.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 5+2PB 1:139 838 160
2 Prize 5+PB 1:6 991 908
3 Prize 5 1:3 107 514
4 Prize 4+2PB 1:621 502
5 Prize 4+PB 1:31 075
6 Prize 4 1:13 811
7 Prize 3+2PB 1:14 125
8 Prize 3+PB 1:706
9 Prize 3 1:313
10 Prize 2+2PB 1:985
11 Prize 2+PB 1:49
12 Prize 2 1:21
13 Prize 1+2PB 1:187

EuroMillions is the largest pan-European lottery. Her story begins in Paris. Since it is there, in 2004 year started the first print run. This lottery, certainly, out of competition and is a leader among analogues, since nowhere else will you see such a huge jackpot amount and higher chances of winning.

Initially, after the creation of EuroMillions, only three countries were participants - France, Spain and England. But now, nine states participate in it: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain. The EuroMillions lottery system has been improving over time, is gaining more and more momentum and at the same time the number of its participants is replenished

What are the rules?

The lottery rules are extremely simple to understand. In order to participate in EuroMillions, all participants will have to determine for themselves five digits from 1 to 50 and a couple of lucky stars from 1 to 11. To get at least one of the many prizes, they need to guess at least two balls. For, to become the owner of the main prize, you need to guess all seven balls. There are thirteen reward levels in this lottery, the amount of the award depends on the prize pool as a percentage. The main prize is 32% from him.

Any citizen of one of the participating countries can participate in the lotto, are usually over eighteen years of age (depending on the country, for example in the UK, participation is allowed from the age of sixteen).

Probability to win 1 of the prizes approximately 1 to the 13th, and the probability of getting the main prize 1 to 116 531 800, even that's pretty good, Considering, that its smallest amount would be 15 million euros. If the owner of the jackpot is not determined, then this entire amount is transferred to the next circulation, because of this super prize, usually greatly exceeds the minimum amount. But although there is no limit on the number of transfers, there is a maximum for the jackpot amount, namely 190 million euros. In the entire history of the EuroMillions lottery, this amount has only been reached twice.. In one of them the British Adrian and Gillian Byford managed to win a lot of money.

What prizes?

As already stated, the size of the jackpot has its minimum, namely 15 million. Happens, that several people win it, in such cases it is divided equally, if, opposite, nobody wins, then the amount is carried over to the next draw, this is called accumulation. Thanks to this, the size of the prize fund reaches incredible sizes.. 10 August 2012 years and 24 October 2014 the limits were reached. To this day, did not have, no more cases, so that the limit is reached again.

Happens, that the rules regarding jackpot are subject to change, so do not forget to follow the rules and their changes, especially, when the main prize is transferred to a drawing with a large prize pool. The taxation of your winnings varies by country, where the ticket was purchased.

What are the chances of winning?

In addition to regular runs, super draws are held in this lotto, they have a mega jackpot. These special editions have different rules, in common with the usual circulation in them only that, that they have the possibility of an excess of the prize fund. Such draws are usually held during important events.. Super draws are often held, during the anniversary of the lottery. There is no special schedule for super-draws, but on average they are held a couple of times in one year.

General rules

Playing EuroMillions

  • Players must choose five main numbers from 1 to 50, and then two additional Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12.
  • Ticket sales close on the day of the respective draw at 20:30 THIS (19:30 Greenwich).
  • All players must be aged 18 years and older, excluding UK players, who must be aged 16 years and older.
  • Just playing EuroMillions, players participate in additional games, Millionaire Maker, as well as in the periodically held pan-European drawing, European Millionaire Maker.

Claiming EuroMillions prizes

  • Prizes can only be claimed in that country, in which the winning ticket was originally purchased. For players, winners of a prize through the online concierge service, less valuable prizes will be paid directly by the service, whose staff will also support the players throughout the process of claiming larger prizes.
  • Faces, participating in an online lottery through a syndicate, receive their share of the winnings directly from the concierge service.
  • Each EuroMillions participating country has a different claim process. This table shows, how long will you have to claim a prize and what happens to the prize, if you miss the deadline.
Country Term What Happens to Unclaimed Prizes?
Austria 3 of the year Return to the lottery for three years, before can be used to fund increased prizes.
Belgium 140 days Return to Belgium National Lottery.
France 60 days Used to fund special promotions, creating several millionaires during the week.
Ireland 90 days Return to the Irish National Lottery to be used for good purposes and to promote the game.
Luxembourg 60 days Returned to the lottery reserve fund.
Portugal 90 days Transferred to the house of charity of Santa Casa do Misericordia de Lisboa, supervising hospitals and financing other socially significant projects.
Spain 90 days Transferred to the state treasury.
Switzerland 180 days Return to the lottery for good use.
Great Britain 180 days Transferred to the National Lottery Benefits Fund

For more information about, what to do, if you win a prize, go to the page How to get your winnings.

Jackpot ceiling

If no player wins a jackpot in the EuroMillions draw, the grand prize will be rolled over and added to the prize pool for the next draw, until the jackpot ceiling is reached 200 million. He can stay at this level for four draws without a winner, after which the entire amount goes to the next level and is distributed among the winners in the next prize category. For more information go to Jackpot Ceiling.

Recommendations for participation in the Superdraw

No matter what country you are a resident of, as well as whether you are a participant in previous EuroMillions draws, you have a real chance to win the main prize in the lottery on an equal footing with the rest of the Superdraw, under one condition - buying a EuroMillion lottery ticket. However, there are several ways to increase your chances of winning..

The most important and easiest way to get closer to the coveted victory in the drawing is to buy more lottery tickets.. Every combination of numbers, participating in the draw has an equal probability of coincidence with the winning numbers, but to participate in a special draw, you can increase the chances of winning by completing a few additional game combinations, buying lottery tickets from lottery officials or playing EuroMillions on the platform of a reputable international lottery agent online.

As an alternative way to increase your chances of winning while reducing the cost of purchasing EuroMillions lottery tickets, participation in a lottery syndicate can be used. This circuit works like this, that the participants in the drawing by joining their efforts, jointly acquire more game combinations, thereby significantly increasing the chances of winning.

In this variant of participation, the winnings will be divided equally between the participants of the syndicate., which will increase the pleasure, thanks to the players' enjoyment of collective success. for example, winners from Ireland in February 2019 a large family syndicate, which allowed them to receive a huge prize of the EuroMillion lottery. maybe, and you can unite with your relatives, neighbors, colleagues at work or like-minded gamblers online in pursuit of the desired win.

How to choose Euromillions numbers, to win the lottery?

Filling in lottery tickets correctly is a fundamental step towards fantastic lotto winnings. Generally, the strategy for choosing your lucky combination is based on a simple law of probability theory: All, which is most unlikely, happens least often. All, which is most likely, happens most often. And to bring your chances of winning closer, have to study the statistics and results of the EuroMillion. And then it's up to the little:

Most often, winning combinations of Euromillions lotto numbers contain approximately equal numbers of odd and even numbers (3 on 4 or 4 on 3). Only even or only odd combinations appear only in 3% cases.

The main Euromillions lotto numbers range from 1 to 50. Divide this sample in half and get the first part and the second part of the sample. The first part contains numbers from 1 to 25, and in the second - from 26 to 50. To make your number combination as likely as possible, it must evenly contain numbers from both parts. A winning combination of numbers consists only of the first or only of the second part of the numbers very rarely - only in 3% cases. Uniform combination of numbers, in which numbers come across as from the beginning, and from the end of the total range, has a better chance of paying off in full.

Another universal method to check your combination for balance is to add up all your numbers and look at the result.. If the amount is in the range from 95 to 160 - it can be considered successful. These are the combinations that become the winning ones in the Euromillions lottery draws in 70% cases.

There is an interesting trend in the Euromillions lottery results - every second winning combination contains at least one winning number from the previous draw. By adding one such number, you can safely hope for higher chances of winning.

Lotto numbers are called hot, which have landed in the winning rows in at least one of the last 20 draws. Euromillions lotto results statistics show, what numbers, which have been drawn during the last 6 draws, make up about half of the next winning combination. Rooms, that have appeared among the winning ones in the last 12 draws, make up ¾ of a new winning combination. It proves, that hot numbers are worth relying on! But don't forget to include at least one cold number on your lottery ticket.

Take a look at the latest Euromillions lotto results, and you will see, that usually numbers of one or two tens are absent in a winning combination. for example, in combination 3, 11, 19, 36, 48 there are no numbers from 20 to 29. One has only to study the statistics a little, how will it become clear, what ten should you miss.

Very hard to predict, when a certain cold number appears among the winning ones. If you bet on the same number from one run to another, just because he hasn’t appeared for a long time, quite possible, that you are doing yourself a disservice for many months to come

In the same time, if the number has not been drawn already 70 or more draws in a row, it is worth paying attention to

At times, optimizing your own number combination is quite difficult. If you are having trouble manually balancing your numbers, the program will come to the rescue, which will help you make calculations quickly and painlessly. There are many lottery tools on the internet, free and for a fee, to help you with math. And the rest you can handle without difficulty.

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