How to play foreign lotteries from Russia

Popular European lotteries with the ability to play from Russia |

How to buy a ticket for a foreign lottery?

There is no need to buy such tickets, since lotto works in our country too. Among the most popular are Russian Lotto and Gosloto 6 of 45 ".

You can buy tickets directly on the Internet, the winnings there are also solid. But they never compare to jackpots, installed in foreign lotto:

This company works with 2012 of the year, honestly pays money to clients and so that no one doubts the honesty, they send a scan of the ticket to the mail.

For the purchase of foreign tickets, resellers are offered on many forums. Don't even consider this option, because you will not be given any guarantees, that you receive a real ticket and can then easily collect your winnings. Plus to everything, resellers greatly inflate ticket prices.

How to play the world's lotteries?

World-class lotteries are not popular in Russia, since some people are not aware of their existence at all. Besides, most are not sure, who can take the winnings.

If the desire to hit the big jackpot overwhelms you, go to Lottowinonline and buy as many tickets as you want:

Sometimes the fields are a little different, but the essence is the same everywhere, you need to use your lucky numbers:

therefore, for one ticket with three filled fields you have to pay a little more 1000 rubles (in the PowerBall lottery):

Is it worth playing foreign lotteries?

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter., but personally I try not to use them. Why? Because there is no certainty, that if you win in 100 000$, participants in the same , will not be lost.

I have no evidence and I do not accuse them of anything, but when there is access to a huge amount, why not take it for yourself.

Someone will say, that you shouldn't be so skeptic, if the site pays honestly and sends scans of tickets, then it is really high quality.

I will not persuade anyone, and I will continue to play on , where am i at 100% sure of honesty, and there will be no problems with payouts, because all the lotteries there are domestic.

World lotteries online are convenient and more interesting, but only on one side. After reading reviews on the net, you will understand too, that there are many people, winners of Russian lotto and showing evidence.

And all those, who writes about winning in foreign lotteries, they just talk and never prove it (at least screenshots from the site). This is not a strong argument., Nevertheless, it's hard to believe empty reviews.

Chance to win the lottery

Often mathematics, teaching game theory course in higher mathematics, make fun of, that the chances of being hit by a car on the way to the lottery booth are much higher, than the likelihood of winning the lottery. Thereby assuring their students not to buy lottery tickets for the last scholarship. Trying to find the answer to the mathematically difficult question of the likelihood of a huge win, one should not forget the simple truth - if everyone could win a significant amount in the lottery, then the lottery business would not flourish.

In fact, complex mathematical models of game theory are reduced to, what with the ticket price, eg, 10 hryvnia and the amount of the expected winnings 100 000 hryvnia less likely to win 1/10000. Often, asking a person to choose between winning a million hryvnia with a chance 1/100000 and 1000 hryvnia with probability 1/4, many will immediately choose a million, although from a mathematical point of view the gain 1000 hryvnia at odds 1/4 more profitable.

The best foreign lotteries, which Russians can play

Most foreign lotteries are prohibited in Russia. Nevertheless, those, who are licensed to conduct draws and sell tickets. Here are some of these organizations, who have been working on the Russian market for many years.


This lottery is presented in nine countries of the European continent. On the official website of the project, anyone can purchase a ticket for one of the draws. Cash prizes are drawn twice a week, and you can find out about your winnings, by visiting your personal account on the EuroMillions website.

The EuroMillions jackpot is currently 57 million euros.


Famous Spanish lottery, whose organizers hold cash prizes every week. Unfortunately, on the official website of El Gordo there is no support for the Russian-language interface, but, Nevertheless, Russians win money are paid in full, including e-wallets or bank cards.

The El Gordo lottery ticket costs only 1 euros, and millions of people in Europe and Latin America take part in the drawings themselves.


Another lottery, which are very popular among residents of European states. Russian-language version of the interface on the official EuroJackpot website, which greatly simplifies the process of purchasing tickets and tracking the results of draws.

At the moment, the jackpot of this lottery is 21 million euros.


Another equally popular lottery with a worldwide reputation. Ticket prices are not fixed and the more expensive a ticket, the greater the chance of winning. Many experienced players have noted, that LottoSmile does not have a high winning percentage due to the difficulty of choosing a winning combination of numbers.

Among other foreign lotteries, players should also pay special attention to such, как Wintrillions, MegaMillions, PowerBall, LottoLucker, SuperEnalotto, OzLotto and others. Each of these organizations have official websites, on the pages of which you have the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets and follow the drawing online

How foreign lotteries work in Russia?

As I stated above, not many foreign organizations sell lottery tickets through their official websites. Most often it looks like this: you deposit a certain amount of money for the service and order a ticket; then a special person acquires a lottery ticket on your behalf and sends you its scan. You just have to wait until the end of the drawing and contact the lottery administration, for details on how, how to collect cash reward.

I think, you get the point, that this scheme has one extra link - "agent". This person can deceive you, simply by taking the money and not providing the lottery ticket. Or fake a ticket through photo editors. In general, you can do a lot of frauds, so be careful when sending money to strangers or services, which you don't trust.

How to participate?

You need to apply for participation in your Wintrillions account. The service buys tickets for shareholders and places copies of them on the website, you can control the process in your profile. The company guarantees its customers convenience and safety. Players could join together, but how to place bets in Europe, and who will honestly share the profit? There are many sad examples on this score..

Payment for participation is made from the player's Wintrillions account, size depends on the number of beats in the game. The intermediary does not withhold any commissions from the winnings, the whole amount is credited to the user's balance.

According to professional gamblers and rating agencies, participating in the lottery through a syndicate with Wintrillions is one of the most practical ways to succeed in gambling.. The service ensures transparency of rates and correct payments to shareholders, provides convenient tools to control your game. Besides, the site interface is translated into all major languages ​​of the world and is especially convenient for Russians.

How to play European lotteries

All the best lotteries of the Old World are presented on the Lotto Agent website, what makes them available in Russia, in Ukraine and in other CIS countries. You can buy a ticket and join the chase for the multi-million dollar jackpot with just a few clicks.

Let's take a closer look, how to buy a ticket to the European lottery using EuroMillions as an example:

  1. The next step is to provide additional information about the purchase. Choose the type of participation - one-time purchase, multi-draw, subscription to 10 circulation. Add promotional codes for a discount or contribute your share to the syndicate if desired.
  2. Confirm your purchase and make payment in any convenient way.

After receiving the application, service agents will purchase a lottery ticket for you at the official point of sale, and send a scanned copy of the ticket. All information on the ticket and its copy will always be available in your personal account. You just have to wait for the live broadcast of the draw. You can also find out about the result of the circulation by visiting the corresponding section on the service website.

Foreign lotteries, which Russians can play

There are many foreign lottery games, citizens of different countries are allowed to participate. Here are the most famous ones:


This lottery is one of the leaders in the world of games, which are distinguished among others by high reliability, general recognition and the size of the main prizes. It should be noted, that winnings from this lottery are tax-free. The value of the jackpot varies from 10 to 90 million euros. «Eurojackpot»Has a positive trend in terms of the number of large cash prizes won by foreigners. Besides, the reliability of the lottery organizer is confirmed by millions of participants not only in the homeland of the game, but also in many countries.


The famous lottery game originally from sunny Spain has long been loved by residents of many countries. Prize draws are held systematically every week. With special trepidation, millions of players around the world await the July and December draws. These two games stand out from the crowd with the largest jackpots. ElGordo tickets are initially marked with a specific number., which in the future can promise a big win. The big advantage of this lottery is that, that there are about a hundred main prizes. Moreover, each of them amounts to several million euros.


The history of the first draws begins with 2004 of the year. Over the years, this game has proven its impeccable reputation with numerous wins. An interesting fact, that this game appeared as a result of the unification of three European countries into a single "lottery union". The founders were the UK, France and Spain. The size of the jackpot sometimes reaches 190 million euros. It should be noted, what in case, if the lucky owner did not show up for 2 subsequent draws, the amount is distributed among the winners of the second category.

Is it safe? play foreign lotteries?

Deciding to take part in an overseas lottery, you should definitely pay attention to the following points

A reliable representative as a guarantor of a win


There are a great many foreign lotteries. For, to be extremely confident in the honesty of the organizer, you need to opt for "popular lotteries". By "nationality" is meant the active participation of the citizens of the founding country of the game in the lottery. If the lottery game is recognized at home and has been carried out for many years without any incidents, then you can safely purchase a ticket and wait for your finest hour. As known, the more participants in the game, the more impressive the jackpot.

The popularity of the lottery game


The scope of the law


At the moment, foreign lotteries are showing stunning results. More and more Russians prefer foreign games. This is not surprising, because multi-million dollar jackpots do not leave anyone indifferent. A resident of any country has a chance to win a foreign lottery and significantly improve his financial situation. One thing to remember is that you need to choose reliable lottery games.. In this case, your lucky ticket will not be forced to give!

Is it worth spending money on a foreign lottery?

You can often hear this opinion.: “Buying foreign lottery tickets is a waste of money. Millions buy and win nothing!». People, saying it, rights. But only partly right. More precisely, they are only right about, what is considered with such reasoning of a person or even people as some kind of perfect substance, averse to temptations and the slightest sin, living only by the rules and norms of the highest morality and law. But agree, this is not true. Us, living people, it is common to believe and dream. To think out and come up with something out of the ordinary. Hope, just hope for success. Is it bad? Is it bad to dream of winning a million in a foreign lottery? Not! How many skeptics will give up a million, if they are suddenly given a million dollars? Yes, none. And unlike the skeptics, ordinary people understand, what if nothing is done, then no one will give a million. But you can win. If other ordinary people abroad win, then why me, a common person, can't win a million?

Another thing, that you will have to spend your hard-earned money to buy tickets. And again skeptics will object: “Buying foreign lottery tickets is a whim, it would be better for this money ... ". Well, they are partly right again. But only partly. Who can tell from us, that denies himself little joys? And not small - too. Do we not buy a new thing solely because of an internal impulse without special need?? Don't we sometimes change a new cell for an even newer one because, what you wanted like that? Why do we follow our feelings? Because, that we are ordinary people. And is it a great sin to buy a couple of foreign lottery tickets once a week?? Not at all. No one has the right to take away our hopes and dreams. We deserve to live on the hope of winning the million dollar lottery. Or two million dollars. Or even a hundred. Hopes like this sometimes just make life easier!

This topic can be developed like this. Isn't it better, instead of buying the same newest phone, not to keep a completely working normal phone for yourself, and with the unspent money to buy lottery tickets? Wouldn't it be better to walk once more for the benefit of your own health and buy a lottery ticket with the money you saved?? And generally speaking, isn't it better to take and smoke less? And with this money buy lottery tickets? It's better, trust me, definitely better. Especially, that foreign lottery tickets, purchased through an online reseller (another way for you and me, Alas, not), will not cost you so much – from 1,5 to 4,8 euros per ticket.

Of course, passion for winning turns into bondage for some, when so much money is spent on the purchase of lottery tickets, that a person becomes a hostage of his own fantasies and a financial hostage. But this is a separate topic., medical theme. I'm talking about ordinary people, you and me, for whom the lottery is some kind of entertainment, painful and exciting expectation of winning. Huge win, albeit a little, but still probable. Indeed, if ordinary people win millions in foreign lotteries, then I, asks, the worse?!


SuperEnalotto has arrived in 1997 year, draws are held in Rome every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Minimum jackpot - 2 million, its maximum size is not limited. Number lottery formula 6 of 90, and speaking of chances, then the probability of hitting the jackpot (that is to guess 6 numbers from 90) makes an unthinkable meaning - 1 of 622 million! (1:622 614 630)

true, it is worth noting, that there are two large prizes in the lottery - the jackpot itself and the second category of winning: 5 + SuperStar (number from 1 to 90, retrievable separately). Given that, what's the probability of guessing 5 + 1, is "only" 1 of 103 million, and the amount for this category can be up to a million euros, then she looks quite decent. See the table below for the main SuperEnalotto winnings.:

Main categories of SuperEnalotto winnings: probability, maximum, minimum and average payments

If we talk about the full list of prizes, then everything in SuperEnalotto 16 prize categories, and the total coefficient of possible winnings is 1 to 16. Guessing the SuperStar matters a lot, it increases the chances of winning. Interestingly, if only SuperStar is guessed and no numbers from the main, then the payoff is 5 euros. SuperEnalotto bet value - 1 euros.

In addition to the standard prizes for the correct numbers, there are also random ones: for one out of every 500 of sold tickets winnings 25 euros.

As a result, that the odds of hitting the SuperEnalotto jackpot are among the toughest in the world, big super prizes are regularly collected in this lottery, such as the:

  • 177,7 million euros - won 30 October 2016 a syndicate from Milan
  • 163,5 million euros - went to a player from the province of Vibo Valentia
  • 147,8 million euros - won 22 August 2009 of the year player from Tuscany

The triumphant of last year is still the record holder in terms of the amount of sole winnings. However, his achievements may soon fade, since a new one is at stake, record jackpot - 199,4 million.

Only Italians can play the SuperEnalotto online. All others who wish (which are also missing) can only buy tickets while in Italy, or using ticket intermediaries (the largest and most worthy is TheLotter, in Russia it is known under the Sharplotto brand)

How to play Euromillions

Buy a EuroMillion ticket. It is possible to do it in the country, where the draws are held. There is also the possibility of buying on intermediary sites. In the latter case, we recommend that you carefully consider the choice of an intermediary company and buy only from a trusted dealer, one of them TheLotter (in Russia is called Onlinebooths).

  • Be of legal age (although the UK allows players to be 16 years old).
  • Fill playing fields, according to the rules of the game.
  • Wait for the draw, and then get a guaranteed prize.
  • Pay taxes (if the winnings are cashed in Russia or another country of your residence).

How to buy a ticket from Russia

Recently, the opportunity to play Euromillion and other foreign lotteries has finally appeared in Russia.. It became possible thanks to intermediaries. But when buying a ticket it is worth considering, that such companies are of 2 types.

Intermediaries with official (paper) tickets

1-and type: Directly intermediary company between the organizers of the Euromillions lottery and the players, located in different parts of the world. They have offices in each lottery country (for EuroMillions it is Austria or Spain). They buy tickets, enter numbers, chosen by the customer and receive a prize if successful. Such companies have both advantages, and cons. There is only one minus - tickets are much more expensive. Instead of the established 2,5 euro for a ticket you pay order 5-7.


  • Such a purchase scheme completely eliminates fraud., since all intermediaries value their reputation.
  • Everything is as transparent as possible, the guarantee of winning is a scanned copy of the winning Euromillions lotto ticket.
  • Due to the high competition, everyone works honestly. Player complaints are instantly scattered across the network. There has not yet been a precedent for non-payment of winnings.

Euromillions rate

2-and type, is more popular, because, that the EuroMillions ticket has the same value, as well as buying directly in the country of the game - about 3 euros.

This became feasible due to the fact, that an online platform has been created, where players can bet on winnings. Playing on such sites is identical to the EuroMillions lottery, purchased offline. The system completely repeats its rules, and after the drawing, the participants receive the same prize, like the players who bought tickets.

This type of game has many advantages.:

  1. Cheap Euromillions Tickets
  2. Winnings are paid instantly
  3. Win guarantee 100 %, the platform pays for an expensive activity license and besides, all prizes are insured.

The first company, Lottoland is considered to work according to this type. It was founded in 2013 year and since then there has been no case, so that any of the players are not paid the winnings.

Bet on Euromillions on our trusted site (we play alone) can be here!

Rules of the game

The organizers use two separate drums for the draw: for basic numbers (the player chooses from 1 to 50) and for additional, so-called, stellar, in the original - Lucky Stars (the player chooses two numbers from 1 to 11 - it is they who become decisive when winning the jackpot).

The main numbers are "responsible" for winning middle category prizes, but if a player guesses two "star" numbers - the main prize is in his pocket.

When are the draws and how to find out the results?

Time, allocated in Europe for gambling, equally 21.00 Greenwich. For Russians, living in different time zones, it differs depending on the region. If you focus on Moscow time, then the broadcast of the EuroMillions draw can be watched in 00:00.

But why sacrifice a sweet dream or a hangout at the club, if Euromillions results are available online?

You can see them on the intermediary's website - they update the information in a timely and accurate manner., or you can score in the search “Euromillion the results of the last draw - and you will be taken to several resources at once, kindly providing not only results, but also all the news from the lottery world.

How much does the ticket cost?

The pleasure of taking part in one of the largest European lotteries is worth 2 euros per ticket. This is the price of the standard bet in most domestic lotteries., at the current exchange rate - at the level 125-130 rubles.

there is, true, and an unpleasant moment for Russian players: they do not have an additional option for one euro Millionaire Raffle, allowing to increase the chances of winning.

Nuances of taxation

Future millionaires, and possible owners of more modest cash prizes, before purchasing a ticket, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the nuances of taxation of winnings, operating in their country.

EuroMillions lottery wins (Euromillions) over € 2 500 subject to federal tax 20%. Tax is charged only on the difference between the amount won and € 2500. You don't have to pay tax in your country, since the winnings were received outside its territory.

Why is this lottery played a little in Russia??

Seemingly, it should be the other way around - knowing the reverent attitude of the organizers of European lotteries to each of the real and even potential players, queues for EuroMillions coupons from Russia will line up. But no - this trend is not observed.

We decided to find out on our own why? And here are the conclusions:

  1. Despite the large number of resources, covering lottery topics, information about foreign draws is still not enough.
  2. Russian players are somewhat alarmed by the need, other than payment directly bid, pay for the services of an intermediary (although this is normal practice, because they also have to earn on their services).
  3. Low level of trust in the intermediary on the part of the players - not everyone will risk playing without confidence, what will get his prize in case of winning.

But the main reason for unpopularity is still ignorance.

Even if one of the gamblers and heard out of the way, that there is such a lottery, it doesn't matter, exact answer to the question: is it possible to play it from Russia, no one really knows. Also, players do not know how and where to place bets..

That is why it is so important, so that comprehensive and detailed information is on one resource - a potential player could quickly study it, analyze, compare the cost of bets of several lotteries, and choose the optimal one for yourself

How can you buy a ticket safely??

Since Roskomnadzor, for reasons unknown to a wide audience, blocks intermediary websites, but they have to somehow return to the Internet, you can find them on the net under different domain names and don't even know at first. But this is not the most offensive.

AND, really, offensive, that one-day sites are born on the sly, fraudulent intermediaries, which supposedly help to play European lotteries in Russia, and who will not only strip the player's seven skins, but the ticket is not provided.

So here, so as not to fall into the clutches of scammers, you need to know important information about intermediaries.

  1. Transparent mediator prefers transparent activities: the buyer has the opportunity to see the markups even before buying a ticket (on the main page or in one of the sections) and decide, is it advisable to spend such an amount on a lottery bet. To see prices, registering on a "transparent" site is optional.
  2. "Invisibles" - on the contrary, hide all important information from the visitor, and you can find out the price of a ticket, only by putting it in the cart and registering on the site.

And although commissions for intermediaries are common and not criminal (they live on it), some try not to hide anything from the buyer and are trustworthy, while others want to hide as much information as possible, and are not popular with players.

Foreign lotteries in Russia - how to buy?

Purchase a ticket remotely (via the internet) - the most popular method, which is used by a large number of participants around the world. Almost all the most popular lotteries in the world can be bought on the website of intermediaries.

Naturally, it poses some danger:

  1. Often the reseller will require an advance payment, which involves the risk of being deceived and not getting your ticket.
  2. Almost always, intermediaries inflate the real cost, to make a profit.
  3. This is one of the methods of making money scammers, and the participant can get his coupon, but here's the win, forever out of reach.

How to buy a ticket without risks?

There are several methods, which will help you not to fall into the trap of unscrupulous resellers when buying foreign tickets:

  • go to the USA or Europe on your own, to buy tickets. As an option, you can ask friends or relatives, which will be in the host countries;
  • try to find an honest intermediary, which has already been tested by time and other participants, and buy a coupon from him;

If you can't find lotteries in the world without intermediaries, then you can work with one of the most famous intermediaries, who has proven his honesty and reliability, stable work for many years.

Agentlotto is the world's best lottery broker

One of the most famous and popular intermediary portals, which offers its services for the acquisition and withdrawal of lottery winnings from different countries of Latin America, USA, Australia and Europe remotely - Agentlotto.

Registered users are given the opportunity to choose among two dozen lotteries, which differ in jackpot sizes and conditions.

Next, you will be presented with the most popular and famous lotteries in the world with the largest jackpot based on their location:

Great Britain - UK Lotto.


  • Powerball
  • MEGA Millions
  • New Jersey Pick-6
  • Lotto Texas
  • Superlotto Plus


  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot




  • BonoLoto
  • Fat
  • The primitive

Great Britain:

UK Lotto

Agentloto works on the same principle:

  1. User must go through the registration process.
  2. Choose a suitable lottery.
  3. Deposit money into your account in your personal account.
  4. Buy the required number of tickets and place a bet.
  5. Get a copy of your ticket, which will be in your personal account.
  6. Wait for the draw.

If you win:

  • in case of winning a small amount (the limit is set by each organizer separately), it can be received into an account in your personal account and withdrawn by a convenient method from the presented;
  • with a big win, it is necessary to independently go to the country of the drawing, to receive the original ticket and collect your winnings in person or for a certain percentage of the amount, issue a power of attorney for an intermediary, who will receive the winnings himself and then send it to the rightful owner.


The Lotter partners are the most common payment systems in several countries, as well as online banks. However, you will not be able to withdraw the won amount to any payment card..

Lotto Agent dealer is more focused on Russian players. In your personal account, you will be able to top up the balance with any card of the Russian Federation, using online banking applications, electronic payment systems.

The Lotter is the first company, which makes it possible to purchase a lottery ticket from any country in the world. The experience and reliability of the service have brought millions of customers from different countries.

Therefore, everyone can try their luck, by registering with The Lotter. Thanks to, what is required to participate in lotteries from 3 tickets, the chance of at least a minimal win increases significantly. Russian-speaking support service will answer all your questions.

El Gordo Navidad – The Fat Christmas

It is by far the most famous and popular lottery in the world.. The Spaniards call her a fat man for the huge prize money. The name of the lottery can be translated "Christmas jackpot", the draw is drawn annually 22 December in Madrid.

El Gordo lottery is famous for its huge prize pools, which also grow from year to year. So, during draws in 2012 and 2013 years he made absolutely incredible 2 billion 520 million euros. Thanks to this amount, we can say, what is this lottery – the largest lottery in the world. Sure, in terms of the sums of the main prize, she cannot be compared with the American mega millions and powerball. But for such parameters, as the probability of winning, number of tickets and, as already said, to the total prize fund, she is certainly the most.

Try your luck, participating in this El Gordo v can not only Spaniards, but also residents of other countries.

Win category Number of prizes Probability Prize
First prize 1 1 to 100 000 4 million euros
Second prize 1 1 to 100 000 1 million 250 thousand euros
Third prize 1 1 to 100 000 Five hundred thousand euros
Fourth prize 2 1 to 100 000 Two hundred thousand euros
Fifth Prize 8 1 to 100 000 Sixty thousand euros

Dropped out of two lottery reels (they are called bombos) balls with numbers from 0 to 9 children bring to the commission members. The drawing of the draw is a colorful performance, which is broadcast live for several hours.

Lotería de Navidad is not only a unique lottery, but also a good tradition, beautiful holiday, bringing a good Christmas mood. Not infrequently whole settlements, teams unite to play, and in case of victory they divide the winnings.

Available 100 000 predefined numbers, in each of which a five-digit code from 00000 to 99999. It could seem, that a lottery of this scale cannot have only one hundred thousand tickets. However, each ticket is printed in one hundred and eighty copies. You should also consider, that tickets consist of 10 parts, which are sold separately. Thus, actually 100 000 combination of 180 copies in ten shares – this is 180 million tickets.

El Gordo Navidad Lottery offers truly unique chances of winning very large prizes in the lottery market. So the chance to win the first prize of four million euros is only 1 to 100 000. In other lotteries, the probability of hitting a jackpot is one in ten, or even hundreds of millions. Read more in the article lottery probability.

Important: when buying tickets you must understand, that usually not the whole ticket is sold, and its tenth is Decimas. She is standing 20 euros

Respectively, when winning, You will get a tenth of it. Basically, you can buy a whole ticket - but it will cost you accordingly 200 euros. Websites - intermediaries,, allows you to buy shares of tickets online without overpayment - at a cost price in 20 euros. Read more in the article online lottery. The only inconvenience is, that these sites buy a large number of tickets in advance, but of course not all 100 000 options. Thus, You will have to choose from that range, which is already available on the indicated sites.

Eurojackpot lottery («Eurojackpot»)

Member countries: Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia.

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out, but a legal form of playing this lottery is possible.

How to buy tickets: be a citizen of one of the countries participating in the lottery, or be on the territory of these countries legally. An alternative way of playing is possible.

Age of participants: in Estonia – from 16 years old, in the rest of the participating countries – from 18 years old.

Minimum jackpot: 10 000 000 euros.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: 90 000 000 euros.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 90 000 000 euros.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 95 344 200.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 26.

Налог на выигрыш: paid by the winner according to the laws of that country, where the ticket was purchased.

Drawing: held once a week, on Fridays.

Eurojackpot lottery rules («Eurojackpot»):

two reels fall out 5 and 2 ball respectively. The first reel contains balls, numbered from 1 to 50 inclusive, in the second – from 1 to 10. Balls from the second reel are called "Eurostars". To win the main prize – jackpot – need to guess 5 balls and 2 "Eurostars".

Winnings distribution table Eurojackpot as a percentage of the prize pool (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • 7,8% – guessed 1 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 128);
  • 19,1% – guessed 2 ball and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 42);
  • 3,1% – guessed 2 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 672);
  • 4,3% – guessed 3 event (1 to 344);
  • 3% – guessed 3 ball and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 602);
  • 0,6% – guessed 3 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 9 631);
  • 0,7% – guessed 4 event (1 to 15 134);
  • 0,9% – guessed 4 ball and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 26 485);
  • 1% – guessed 4 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 423 752);
  • 3% – guessed 5 balls (1 to 3 405 150);
  • 8,5% – guessed 5 balls and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 5 959 013);
  • 36% – jackpot, guessed 5 balls and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 95 344 200).

Historical reference: the Eurojackpot lottery was created largely thanks to and partly in opposition to the EuroMillions lottery. An example of the latter clearly showed, that players from several countries allow more tickets to be sold and guarantee a much larger grand prize, rather than local lotteries of a particular country. Therefore, after a cycle of meetings and agreements, potential participating countries, which took several years, in March 2012 of the year passed the first lottery draw. At this point, the drawing took place only in 7 countries: Germany, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland and Estonia. And literally two weeks later, Italy joined the drawing.

Initially, the lottery used, as it is today, 50 main balls, of which dropped out during the draw 5, but the "euro stars" was 8. And for the jackpot the rule was: he could grow no more 12 draws in a row. If none of the players managed to guess the jackpot, then it was distributed among those, who guessed 5 balls and 1 "Eurostar".

In February 2013 of the year Iceland joins the Eurojackpot lottery, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Croatia. And then the limitation on the number of jackpot transitions from one draw to another was removed, instead, a limit was introduced on the amount of the jackpot in the amount of 90 million euros. In this case, the jackpot remains at the top mark as desired number of draws exactly until, until it is played. All additional funds, collected from ticket sales, are no longer directed to the formation of the jackpot, and to increase the prize pool of the next level, when guessed 5 balls and 1 "Eurostar". The winning fund of this level will grow until (sure, given that, that the jackpot will not be drawn), until the amount is 90 million euros. In this case, additional funds will be directed to the formation of a fund for those, who will only guess 5 balls. The filling ceiling of this fund – The same 90 million. In this case, the fund will increase for those, who will guess 4 ball and 2 "Eurostars". Etc.

TOP 5 best foreign lotteries for the Russian-speaking population

Foreign lottery with a big jackpot is a unique opportunity to become the owner of a prize of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Spending money to buy a ticket, the participant risks them exclusively. But nevertheless, the choice of a specific offer must be approached responsibly. There are a lot of scammers on the gambling market.

It's worth choosing the lottery, very popular and have already proven their reliability with real winners' payouts. In this case, each participant can choose the strategy of the game independently. Agents or organizers do not limit him in any way in this right. Below we present to your attention a list of the best and most winning lotteries in the world., which are especially popular among the Russian-speaking population.

American Mega Millions - lottery with big wins in dollars

Mega Millions is one of the foreign lotteries in our ranking list, which Russians and citizens of other countries can play. The most famous lottery from the USA Mega Millions held the first draw under the modern name in 2002 year, and was created in 1996. Used for drawing 2 lototron. The participant must choose 5 basic balls with numbers from 1 to 70 and one mega ball with numbers from 1 to 25.

The game has gained great popularity among US residents and tourists, thanks to the large amounts of prizes. Maximum win, got one ticket - 319 million dollars, and the largest won jackpot was 656 million.

American Powerball Lottery

The most popular American Powerball lottery provides a participant's choice of numbers from two blocks. In the first, he should note 5 numbers from 1 to 69, and in the second - 1 ranging from 1 to 26. Jackpot raffled, if all match at once 6 digits.

Jackpot prize pool starts at 40 million dollars. Maximum played size - 1.5 billion dollars. It was won immediately 3 person in January 2016 of the year. You can increase the size of the secondary prizes several times, by connecting the PowerPlay option for a fee.

European EuroJackpot

European lottery EuroJackpot appeared in 2012 year. Many countries from the European Union participate in it. The participant must choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 additional - ranging from 1 to 10. The lottery draw takes place in Helsinki.

EuroJackpot works like this, so that the main prize is drawn more often, than in other similar games. Initial jackpot size - 10 million. It can accumulate. Maximum Jackpot Drawn - 90 million.

Italian SuperStar

The Italian SuperStar game is an advanced version of Superenalotto. The participant needs to choose 7 balls - 6 basic with numbers from 1 to 90 and 1 - additional special ball also with numbers 1-90.

The size of the main prize is equal to the Superenalotto jackpot + 2 million. The second winner will receive the sum of the Superenalotto prize plus 1 million. The maximum jackpot is almost 178 million.

English EuroMillions

Closes the rating of the most winning and popular foreign lotteries without cheating - EuroMillions. The English EuroMillions lottery appeared in 2004 year. It prompts the participant to choose 5 main balls with numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 - special additional ones with numbers from 1 to 12. Available 13 prize categories.

Minimum winnings - 4 euros. The minimum size of the main prize is 15 million euros. Maximum jackpot - 190 million euros. If a 2 times the main prize is not raffled, then on the third it is divided between the winners of the second and sometimes the third level.

How to buy foreign lotteries in Russia

Good, now there is internet. With its help, you can easily purchase tickets for foreign lotteries online. But how to do that, if the official sites do not allow? There is a way out - you need to use the services, so-called, resellers. The point is, that a reseller buys a ticket abroad and sells it. But this method has several disadvantages.:

  1. no guarantee, that the reseller will sell a valid ticket, instead of expired or fake.
  2. overpriced in 2-3 times. Intermediaries perform a large number of operations: accept applications, buy tickets, make scans, checks after the draw and advertised. These operations cost money, here and the ticket price.
  3. the reseller can throw. This disadvantage combines the first two. And another option is added - we pay money, but we don't get a ticket

How to buy a ticket without risks?

You can go to the country, in which the lottery takes place, and buy a ticket there. And you can only use the services of trusted dealers.

I can't say anything about the first option, as truly reliable people, from which you can buy a ticket abroad, I do not know. But I can tell you something about a special site.:

One of them: Agentlotto. Here you can buy tickets for the most popular lotteries. Besides, they have bonuses for regular customers: the second ticket is free, and the company itself often holds draws.

To buy a ticket

Foreign lotteries in Russia and other countries

  • American Powerball, MEGA Millions, Superlotto Plus, Lotto Texas и New Jersey Pick-6
  • European EuroJackpot and EuroMillions
  • Spanish El Gordo, The Primitive is BonoLoto
  • Italian SuperEnalotto
  • British UK Lotto and many others

This is not cheating?

Not. There are a couple of proofs for this.:

  • Site works with 2012 years and during this time has gained much more positive feedback, than negative
  • Also, if you have already watched the video Above, you probably noticed, that when buying a ticket, You receive a copy of it - and this is the best proof

All American lotteries, specifications

I must say, that there are not many lottery projects in the USA - the two most famous with the possibility of a multi-million dollar win are Mega Millions and PowerBall. There are also several mini-lotteries and instant. let's get a look, what are they.

Mega Millions Lottery

Minimum jackpot - 15 million dollars and it grows from circulation to circulation, if none of the players guesses the combination of numbers 5/75 and 1/15. It's hard enough to do it, the chances of winning the main prize are low, therefore, its amount can rise to several hundred million.

If you really want to play the American lottery, but not a US resident, the rate on your behalf will be paid by the local representative of the intermediary site.

Numbers are drawn using two lottery drums. Balls with numbers of the main draw are painted white and loaded into one lottery drum, and additional - in red (loaded into the second).

Ticket design, acquired in different states, may differ slightly.

Learn more about this lottery and how to play it in this article.: “How to play and win the Mega Millions lottery from Russia?«.

Powerball lottery

The game scheme is somewhat reminiscent of Mega Millions: 5/69 (main draw) and 1/26 ( additional).

The chances of winning the top prize are negligible - 1 to 292 201 338, and to win any prize - 1 to 25 .

The jackpot in this lottery is never lower 40 million dollars and is constantly growing until that time, until somebody rips it off.

Yesterday's win (read at the beginning of the article), albeit dizzy, but not so big, as I was on one of the printings last year - 1, 56 billion dollars were won by three lucky people from different states.

Winnings over 600$ can only be obtained at the lottery office - this can be done for you by a representative of the intermediary company. And again I have to remind, that not all concierges are bona fide.

Jackpots are given to winners in two ways: as a lump sum and as an annuity (parts over several years). Small winnings await their owners for a year, and if after this time no one asked for them, prizes are donated to charities.

Learn more about this lottery and how to play it in this article.: "American Powerball lottery - buying tickets from Russia".

Mini lotteries

They differ from the standard ones in the frequency of draws and in the smaller number of numbers required for guessing. for example, in Florida Lucky Money the algorithm is as follows: 4/47 + 1/17. Jackpot amounts too, respectively, smaller, than in big lotteries.

Honestly, where can Russian players buy a ticket for the American lottery in mini format, I can not, since I have not met them on any of the intermediary sites.

American Instant Lotteries

These are scratches popular among Americans with colorful designs., non-selectable numbers. But even the most reliable intermediaries are unlikely to sell them to you online.. The American instant lottery requires the player to erase the protective field - simply "scratch" the surface of the paper ticket.

I told about this type of lottery for informational purposes.

If you suddenly find yourself in the States, pay attention to Minnesota Hold'em or Texas Hold'em tickets, Monopoly, Win for life

Foreign lotteries: to whom are they available

Anyone, considered capable and adult, can participate in lotteries of other countries.

The Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Lotteries" as a participant in the drawing determines the person, which is entitled by contract, concluded between him and the organizer of the lottery, participate in the drawing and, in case of victory, claim part of the prize fund. Document, confirming this right, the ticket of the required circulation is considered.

The main requirement for the participant, as already mentioned, it is majority and legal capacity. For most draws, held in Europe and the USA, age, to be achieved, is 18 years old.

The second essential requirement is the need to buy a ticket from an accredited seller. Some gamblers find it difficult.. How to purchase a lottery from a foreign operator without visiting the country, where distributors operate, government accredited?

Do I need an intermediary in the purchase of tickets from foreign operators

Suppose, what's the decision, that you would like to participate in international lotteries, already worked out. At this stage, the role of the facilitator in organizing participation should be carefully considered.. It must be chosen consciously, weighing all the pros and cons. The mediator's job is, to make the most money. And not all such firms adhere to an honest and open approach to doing business.. It's better to check and study such things in advance..

Buying a foreign lottery ticket is done by you for one purpose: receiving a prize. You don't want to risk your money, entrusting the purchase of a ticket to an unverified agent.

The first step is to study the list of achievements of a private representative or company, spend time reading reviews about the firm's operating principles. And do not spare the time to discuss the main points of the proposed cooperation.. There are a lot of crooks in this area

For this reason, you need to be vigilant., caution, in this environment, gullibility will not help you. The higher your requirements for the intermediary, the more chances, that you will be able to find real professionals

Website, which you use to buy lottery tickets, is obliged to provide a secure environment for transactions, be trustworthy. Scam sites containing malicious scripts or programs are not in demand, there are few clients and visitors. And on the net you can find negative reviews about their work..

The biggest payday days ever.

Below is a list of the biggest jackpots, conquered over the past few years. Not surprising, that they all happened in the USA. The big Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries in the US regularly bring in huge payouts. So no wonder, that most online purchases at are for Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

  1. 1568 million dollars, Powerball jackpot won 13 january 2016 of the year. This jackpot has been split between 3 winners.
  2. $1537 million, Mega Millions jackpot won by one winner 23 October 2018 of the year.
  3. 768 million dollars, won Powerball 27 Martha 2019 of the year.
  4. 758 million dollars, won on Powerball by one winner in August 2017 of the year.
  5. 687 million dollars, which will be distributed between the two winners “Powerball” 27 October 2018 of the year.
  6. 656 million dollars, jackpot “Megamillions”, split among three winners in March 2016 of the year.

Now is your chance to win one of these lotteries – just click here and get ready to experience the best, what the world has to offer, and, more importantly, significantly increase your chances of getting wealth!

Paying tax on lottery winnings


Most European countries, including UK, Ireland and France, do not tax lottery winners. However, in some countries, winners are required to pay tax.

Country Tax rate
Spain prizes over 40 000 € tax is set 20%
Switzerland players pay 35% with winnings over 1 000 CHF
Portugal pay 20% if you win over 5 000 €
Holland tax is set at 29% for amounts in excess 449 €
Poland players pay 10% from prizes exceeding 2280 zl
Slovenia winnings over 300 € are taxed at 15%
Italy pay 20% tax on winnings in excess of 500 €
Croatia in Croatia the tax is from 10% to 30% as the winnings increase with 750 HRK

North America

Lottery winnings are tax-free in Canada. In the United States, the starting federal tax is 25%, if the prize exceeds 5 000 $, and additional amounts are charged depending on the player's annual income when filing a tax return.

For players, possibly, will have to pay additional taxes depending on whether, in which state did they buy the ticket. Certain states - California, Florida, New Hampshire, Ruerto Rico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, United States Virgin Islands, Washington State, Wyoming - no state tax on lottery winnings, however, the rest of the states levy tax.

Tax rate the state
2,9% North Dakota
3% New Jersey
3,07% Pennsylvania
3,4% Indiana
3,75% Illinois
4% Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia
4,25% Michigan
5% Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Nebraska
5,75% North Carolina
5,99% Rhode Island
6% Georgia, Kentucky, New Mexico, Vermont
6,5% West Virginia
6,6% Delaware
6,9% Montana
6,99% Connecticut
7% Arkansas, South Carolina
7,25% Minnesota
7,4% Idaho
7,75% Wisconsin
8% Oregon
8,5% Washington (D.C)
8,75% Maryland
8,82% New York

South Africa

South African Lottery prizes are tax-free, therefore players, who won the jackpot in such games, как South Africa Lotto, South Africa Powerball или South Africa Pick 3, receive the original amount in full.


Lottery winnings in Australia are fully payable and tax-free. New Zealand also does not require players to pay taxes on lottery winnings.

Advantages and disadvantages

European lotteries attract with multi-million dollar prizes, capable of changing life. true, stakes are high, and the chances of winning are minimal. To understand, will participation in the game be a profitable investment, albeit high risk, or a waste of money, it is worth analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of European lotteries include the following points:

  • Many times more prizes, than in domestic lotteries.
  • Cash payments in stable currency.
  • The honesty of lotteries is guaranteed by the state, and the results of the draws can be observed in real time.
  • Part of the profits from the lottery business goes to public sectors, such as education, park services, funds for veterans and seniors.

Of the minuses, two key points can be distinguished.. Firstly, constantly calculating the number of large syndicates. Often, it is syndicates that win jackpots in major foreign lotteries.

Secondly, rules of the game, buying tickets and receiving winnings is not always clear. The purchase scheme is simple though, but differs significantly from domestic lotteries.

International and foreign lotteries

The law of the Russian Federation defines lotteries, how the game, implemented under the rules, described in the agreement. According to it, the organizer becomes one party., he conducts the drawing and distribution of the prize fund. The other party is the buyer or owner of the ticket, eligible, if his ticket is the winner under the conditions of the drawing. These conditions of interaction between the parties are described in detail in the second article of the federal law "On Lotteries".

The agreement is concluded between the lottery participant and the organizer voluntarily. As documents, which confirm the deal, are a ticket and a receipt for its purchase. (Or other options to confirm your purchase, if they are provided for by the conditions of the drawing).

Foreign or international lotteries are those, which are organized in other states, not on the territory of Russia.

Lottery and culture

Zigzag Luck lottery movie

The lottery couldn't help but find a display in art. Let's remember stories A. P. Chekhov and one of them – “Winning ticket”. Peru Borges belongs “Babylon lottery”. Hollywood made such movies, as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Mr bean on vacation”, where also the lottery theme runs like a red thread. We watch and revise again the masterpieces of our cinema: “Zigzag of luck”, “Sportloto-82” – good ones, kind ribbons about Lady Luck, and who disposes of it. However, this is not the most exhaustive list!

At the end of the article, we will give some very interesting facts., lottery-related:

  • Men are more hazardous than women.
  • At the end of the year, the organizers “weld” amount in 500 million dollars, in view of the, that not all winners are out to win.
  • 87% darlings of fate donate part of the winnings to charity.
  • People are older 65 take part in lotteries less often than others.

This “sin” lies on the Vatican!

Lotteries in the Vatican

Of course, the church has never welcomed people's passion “demonic” games, and the Vatican – especially. Pope Innocent XI threatened all Catholics with heavenly punishment, Who, despite the taboo, held lotteries and participated in them. Its receiver, Pope Innocent XII, continued to bend the line of the previous pontiff, however, this did not in any way affect the popularity of the lottery. IN 1732 year Vatican, finally, gave up. The new head of the Roman Catholic Church, Innocent XIII, lifts the current bans, and more – allowed to organize the official Roman lottery. Centuries have passed, and from now on the Vatican does not oppose the holding of lotteries and treats them loyally. Even this is happening in Christian Europe today., about what 400 years ago and it was scary to think (I mean not the influx of refugees from the Middle East, and holding a lottery under the patronage of the sovereign of the Holy See himself). Soothes only one thing, what means, collected from such events are sent to charity.

Should you trust intermediaries?

Even after a cursory examination of the intermediary for foreign lotteries in Russia, more precisely Agentlotto, you can immediately see the list of real winners, where the country and the amount are indicated. You can note, what are the most gambling or lucky, citizens of Germany and Poland are considered, however, there are winners from Belarus and even Kyrgyzstan.

Report is not enough?

You can independently flip through the pages on the Internet, to find as much truthful information as possible. For most foreign lotteries, reviews are mostly positive.. for example, the same Agentlotto offers its services with 2012 of the year. During this time, he collected a huge number of positive reviews from real players..

Of course there are negative, but there are much less of them. In fact, no gambling entertainment can do without angry attacks from users, who lost.

Very important, that at the time of purchasing a member's coupon, a scanned copy of it will be presented in your personal account, which can be submitted by the organizer to receive their legal prize

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter
31.07.2020 Kaido P. 169,78 EUR≈ 13 320,09 ₽
10.07.2020 aldo c. 177,07 EUR≈ 13 892,03 ₽
19.06.2020 Elmar S. 178,93 EUR≈ 14 037,95 ₽
17.06.2020 Oleksandr Z. 188,14 EUR≈ 14 760,52 ₽
16.06.2020 Oleksandr Z. 188,14 EUR≈ 14 760,52 ₽
02.06.2020 GUILLERMO J. 126,00 USD≈ 8 888,95 ₽
02.06.2020 Omar A. 180,26 EUR≈ 14 142,30 ₽
02.06.2020 Oscar G. 500,00 USD≈ 35 273,59 ₽
02.06.2020 HORACIO R. 126,00 USD≈ 8 888,95 ₽
02.06.2020 Francisco P. 126,00 USD≈ 8 888,95 ₽
02.06.2020 Nay Tun N. 200,00 USD≈ 14 109,44 ₽
02.06.2020 Dwight M. L. 500,00 USD≈ 35 273,59 ₽
30.05.2020 Philipp H. 180,10 EUR≈ 14 129,75 ₽
30.05.2020 Nelson D. 400,00 USD≈ 28 218,87 ₽
30.05.2020 Wilbert G. 202,00 USD≈ 14 250,53 ₽
30.05.2020 Valeria D. 204,00 USD≈ 14 391,63 ₽
27.05.2020 Michael S. 182,52 EUR≈ 14 319,61 ₽
27.05.2020 Katia T. 483,40 CHF≈ 35 433,00 ₽
27.05.2020 Mayikama M. 162,39 GBP≈ 14 129,74 ₽
27.05.2020 Ryan Milos Romeo G. 200,00 USD≈ 14 109,44 ₽
27.05.2020 Ricardo G. 426,00 USD≈ 30 053,10 ₽
27.05.2020 MOH MOH K. 204,00 USD≈ 14 391,63 ₽
27.05.2020 MOH MOH K. 336,00 USD≈ 23 703,85 ₽
27.05.2020 Shahin N. 500,00 USD≈ 35 273,59 ₽
20.05.2020 M. 500,00 USD≈ 35 273,59 ₽
20.05.2020 Chakgree P. 220,00 USD≈ 15 520,38 ₽
20.05.2020 Jose Luis S. 408,00 USD≈ 28 783,25 ₽
20.05.2020 Milena with. 120,00 USD≈ 8 465,66 ₽
15.05.2020 dinie v. 184,82 EUR≈ 14 500,05 ₽
15.05.2020 Hagen P. 184,82 EUR≈ 14 500,05 ₽

Online lottery with real winnings

Everything on our site is absolutely honest and transparent. If you guess all the numbers, you get a cash prize. Do you want to know, where to buy a lottery ticket? Of course, we. Choose your favorite lottery or even several at once, to increase the chances of winning. And play! Can, you will win several jackpots at the same time? Let's try?

Lotteries are widespread in Russia. This is primarily due to the fact, that the prize pools are impressive enough, respectively, and the chances of winning a considerable sum of money are high. Lotteries in Russia have already become a family tradition. A couple of decades ago, whole families gathered at TV screens and with bated breath awaited the results of the drawing. It should be noted, that the statistics of victories in lottery games in the Russian Federation is quite high, therefore, the demand for tickets is growing relentlessly.

An interesting fact in the history of lottery games is that, that during the Soviet Union it was lotteries that significantly contributed to the development of the economy and the construction of strategically important facilities for the country. The financial support of the "Olympics 80" completely fell on the shoulders of "Sportloto", which at that time was positioned as a folk game. In the USSR, lottery games were the only legal gambling game, therefore, buying lottery tickets occupied a separate niche in the family budget on an ongoing basis. Even in the most economically difficult times, the Russians did not give up hope and continued to play the lotto. And won!

The list of the most popular winning lotteries in Russia is headed by Gosloto, Russian Lotto and "Golden Key". Gosloto exists in the Russian Federation since 2008 of the year. The qualitative distinguishing feature of this game is that, that the lion's share of the prize fund is invested in construction projects of various sizes. Funding for sports development programs also plays an important role

Thus, Gosloto not only gives the country's citizens a chance to improve their well-being, but also acts as a sponsor in the implementation of projects of national importance. Russian lotto stands out among other analogues for its focus on the mainstream of family games

Initially, this game was positioned as a home lottery. Lottery "Golden Key" provides an opportunity for Russians not only to get rich, but also to receive living space as a gift. In this lottery game, out of three tickets, one is the winning, which significantly stimulates the interest of players in this lottery. In addition to the above lotteries, there are many other similar games in the Russian Federation, which have a number of features and advantages.

What lottery tickets to buy?

Of course, to purchase lottery tickets, you need to register in the system, otherwise how will you get the prize later? Registration in the system on any of the sites is quite simple, to pass it, click on the "Register" button at the top of the page on the Jackpot or Lotto Agent website. You can pay for the purchased tickets either through electronic wallets, or by plastic card.

Now let's take a look at the mind-blowing selection of lottery tickets in the world.. Below I will list the most popular lotteries with a brief description..

PowerBall is the most famous lottery in the United States of America, held in forty-three states. It was here in January 2016 the largest jackpot in the history of lotteries was drawn - 1,5 billion dollars, and in 2013 year 590,5 million. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday local time. Winnings start at 3$ and end 200 000$. Jackpot, however, not played out every time, due to which it is constantly accumulating and growing to phenomenal sizes, sometimes reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

EuroMillions is already a European lottery, conducted for 9 countries, including France, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and others. Jackpot starts with 15 000 000 Euro and once reached the mark 115 million and was won by one person. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 Paris time.

Russian lotto - if you choose from the domestic segment of the gambling market, then this lottery is one of the most preferred. The reasons are simple - a large number of winning combinations, interesting gameplay, increased ratio of the number of winning tickets to their total number. Jackpot starts from 50 million rubles and with successful accumulation reaches half a billion. Draw is held every week, the broadcast of the draw on Sundays at 14:00 on the TV channel "NTV".

MegaMillions is also one of the most famous lotteries in the USA, held in forty six states. The jackpot of this lottery starts at 12 000 000$. Additional winnings, played every time, come to 250 000$. The draws are broadcast on WGN America on Tuesdays and Fridays in Atlanta at 23:00 local time.

Exist, as you understood, many more famous lotteries, which you will all find on the above services. If they seem more reliable to you, or you were already familiar with them before, you can also purchase them. Here I just brought the most famous and purchased.

For motivation ...

Hopefully, now you understand, how to buy certain lottery tickets, now, as a motivation, I would like to cite a few examples of fabulously large wins for more enthusiasm:

Good luck and no fluff, not a pen " !

Foreign lotteries are available to everyone

Millions of people around the world are constantly participating in draws. Many even receive prizes. You can read about this in the newspapers., magazines, hear on the radio or see a report on television. Winnings become a subject of special interest, actively discussed in the media. And surrounded by the winner, rumors also spread through word of mouth. As a result, the number of people who want to try their luck or even become millionaires is growing. Many are attracted by the chance to replenish the family budget without huge efforts.. Such a prospect seems bright to people.. Stories about people, who, because of the poverty line, stepped into the world of luxury and wealth, concern not only the inhabitants of the country, but also citizens of other powers. Thanks to the Internet, news of another big lottery win spreads all over the world. All this contributes to the active sale of tickets.. This variant of gambling, Most likely, will never be a thing of the past. On the contrary, will gain more and more fans.

On the network, people receive news about, that someone won the lottery again, in a few minutes, instantly. There you can find lists of combinations of numbers., which are more likely, than others, will make a profit.

How to play foreign lotteries for Russians

Main question, which faces Russian participants - how to buy a ticket for a foreign lottery. It makes no sense to go specifically to another country for this. The costs themselves may not pay off.

Many foreign lotteries do not provide an opportunity to purchase tickets online. They are focused on the local market and, although they do not prohibit the participation of citizens of other states, especially they are not guided by. Even if the purchase of tickets via the Internet is intended to play lotto without intermediaries, this method will only work with a good knowledge of foreign languages (at least english).

The solution to the problem can be a purchase via the Internet on the website of intermediary agents. This method is the most popular and relevant in 2019 year

It is important to choose a reliable company, so that money is not wasted or stolen by fraudsters at all

Buying tickets online through lottery intermediaries-agents without cheating

One of the largest lottery intermediary agents, working without cheating is Lotto Agent. Her idea was born in 2010 year, and the service was launched at 2012 year. During its work, the company has created a successful network of lottery agents in many countries of the world. The company is headquartered in Belize, and its offices operate in the USA, Spain, Australia, Italy.

Benefits of buying lottery tickets online through Lotto Agent

  • Buying tickets online via the Internet. Citizens of any country can buy tickets for famous foreign lotteries. To do this, it is enough to have a PC or smartphone with Internet access..
  • Fully Russian-language interface. You can play a foreign lottery over the Internet using an agent, even without knowing any foreign languages.
  • Low prices. The agent's ticket price for foreign lotteries is only slightly higher, than national sellers. The surcharge covers employee services.
  • Wide choose. The company offers tickets for more 20 national lotteries. US offers available, Europe and other countries.
  • Reliability. Customer, playing foreign lotto through an agent, sees a scanned copy of the ticket and can independently check the entire course of the prize drawing. The whole process takes place without cheating, because everything is under control and transparent!
  • Support. If the client is lucky to win the foreign lottery, then the company will definitely notify him about it. If you have any questions, you can always contact support.

Cons of foreign lotteries

Lack of official information in Russian

Large national lotteries often have pages in Russian, but, when it comes to state or European lotteries, here only knowledge of a foreign language can come to the rescue, or an intermediary site. Sure, if you know english, then this is not a problem, however, most Russians have to resort to the help of an online translator. Naturally, there is no such problem with domestic lotteries. Despite, that in most cases the game process is intuitive, the accompanying texts are still difficult to understand.

Difficulty of withdrawing winnings

Gosloto will pay you winnings of up to two thousand rubles at ticket distribution points, winnings up to a million - by transfer to the card, and to win over a million you will have to go personally. Foreign lotteries are getting harder. Some lotteries can pay you your winnings by transfer, but mostly, withdrawal process is quite lengthy. Sure, if you use the services of an intermediary site, you can count on help, but, if you play on your own it is better to read the conditions for receiving the prize in advance. Besides, the way of receiving the prize depends on, how did you buy your ticket, online or at an authorized dealer.


That country's winnings tax, where the lottery is registered, its management will pay independently, but the winner will have to deal with Russian taxes on their own. Tax amount, which is charged on a foreign lottery depends on the country, somewhere there is no tax at all (Australia), and somewhere it comes to 30% (USA). Russians need to independently pay personal income tax for winnings and draw up a declaration.

Problems accessing lottery sites

In Russia, foreign lottery sites are regularly blocked, websites of intermediaries can also be blocked. You can solve the problem using a VPN, in the OPERA browser, for example it is built in by default. To get to the blocked site you just need to click on the button in the address bar. But, Nevertheless, blocking can create additional hassle for you. Most players choose to cooperate with reliable intermediary sites.

My review about foreign lotto

For me, foreign lotteries are above all about honesty, at least they won't be deceived here.

The whole process went like this: I registered on the site, then topped up the balance and bought a ticket. Then later 10-12 hours a copy of the ticket appeared in my personal account. Type: -“Here we really bought, look ". Basically at that time, everything seemed real to me, and I believed, that in case of a big win I can get my money.

You can even watch, how I did it all in my video, but then I still did not know how to record well:

I have already expressed my position above regarding, Will your Agent Lotto jackpot pay out?

Here is what they write on the subject “Can I be sure, that I will receive all my winnings in full?»:

Believe it or not? The choice is yours.

Aren't the chances of winning the lottery negligible?

Sure, the chances of winning lottery jackpots are very high. As well as the odds of getting a royal flush in poker or winning with one number in roulette. Like lottery draws, so scratch cards don't give you a big chance of winning big money. for example, impressive scratch card value 130 million dollars from Texas offered the grand prize at odds 1 to 8,1 million. But the same game contained an overall winning ratio (chances of winning any prize at all, including breakeven) 1 to 2,67. These break even and larger prizes are often, what serious lottery players are looking for, and big jackpots are just a distant vision.

According to the State Lottery Companies Association, the average scratch off ticket in the United States gives the overall odds 1 to 3 or 1 to 4, varying slightly depending on the year, in question. But remember, that these are the average break-even indicators, including chances for prizes, equal ticket prices. Is this competition just as good, like playing in a casino with low odds, like blackjack? No - but the odds of breaking even are, that the lottery is not a bad investment. Not, if you play it with common sense.

Players, playing the lottery every day, don't really hunt for those massive jackpots. Obviously, that the payment is 130 million dollars would be welcome. But real lottery players understand, that these budget prizes are 50 and 100 dollars is more important, than life-changing single payments. The odds of breaking even and other low dollar prizes are, what you can't really say, that the odds are not astronomical. They're not much worse than slot machines., and depending on the game and your willingness to accept the break-even prize, they really can be the best investment, than craving for a slot machine. Do lotteries encourage gambling addiction?

This sounds like an argument straight from puritanical New England. Okay, we get it - three American states are opposed to religious lottery games. For some people, gambling is immoral.. The specter of this belief exists today as a concern about the impact of the lottery on gambling addiction..

Features of the distribution of the lottery fund

At all, lottery – extremely beneficial, on the money side, for organizers action. And since the organizer is usually a certain state company, therefore, the profit from the sale of lottery tickets goes to improve the social sphere, eg: kindergartens are being built with the money received, hospitals, universities, museums, stadiums, etc.

In addition, a certain payment in the form of tax is sent to the state budget from each major win.. We took the lotteries of America especially for review, because in the USA the tax system is wiser, compared to Europe or Australia. Tax rates in some places can reach the level in 50 percent. Such tax rates naturally alert the player, but remember, that only US lottery jackpots reach truly outstanding heights (absolute world record, at the moment, belongs to the American Powerball lottery – 13 january 2016 of the year was played 1,5 billion. dollars). So even after paying all tax deductions, hand winnings remain solid.

It turns out, the state has no reason to restrict foreign citizens' access to national lotteries. However, the founders stipulate one point: the participant is obliged to independently pay all statutory taxes in their country, this responsibility lies with him. You also need to consider, that there are countries, in which gambling is prohibited. This mainly applies to those territories, where the population is Muslim.

A non-resident of the United States has the right to play and receive winnings

On the Powerball lottery website, in the FAQ section, they ask: “Eligible for non-US residents to play and receive Powerball lottery winnings?”. The answer is yes with the only condition, that the participant is legally purchasing tickets, and he does not need to have a certain citizenship to acquire them. true, in some states, local authorities have adopted regulations, and according to them, the winner must present the papers during the award ceremony, confirming citizenship. If none were found with him, other ways of withholding tax payments are being sought under state law.

How can you participate, living in Russia?

Russians love lottery games in the USA, therefore, buying a ticket for the American lottery in Russia is absolutely no problem. The main challenge is, to find a reliable intermediary.

Players, who take part in foreign games through intermediaries claim, that winnings are credited shortly after the draw, no problems arise.

Reviews of Russians about American lotteries in fairly large volumes are posted on various thematic forums. If you analyze them, you get such interesting results:

  • order 89 percent of players say, that American lottery games are fun and gambling, but they take part not so much, to get money, how much because of the desire to get adrenaline;
  • about 80 percent of users from Russia are convinced, that the rules of the game and features of American lotteries are one of the most understandable and simple.

According to Russian players, they were a little stressed by the fact, that the lottery game is from another country. They assumed, that the rules will be confusing and incomprehensible to our player. But in reality, everything turned out to be completely different..

The first game put everything in its place, and they immediately learned, how to play american lotteries.

About the creators

TheLotter is owned by TheLotter Enterprises Ltd, which is registered in Malta (although many resources report, what's in London, somewhere celebrate, what's in South America), as they write on the site, in case of problems or questions, customers can contact the site staff free of charge by phone numbers in Australia, Of Russia, Of Ukraine, Germany, Canada and South Africa. But will your questions be answered there?

As we wrote above, this Internet resource acts as an intermediary between the client and the lottery representative, purchasing a lottery ticket for players and providing related services. In short, help you win money. And from what is written on the site, we can make the following conclusion: “You are lucky to become a winner? Site employees will send a notification to your email and in the near future the prize will be transferred to your personal account ".

But users, I'm interested in one thing - is it cheating? According to the creators, this resource guarantees that users will receive their prizes in full, and participants always have access to a scan of their lottery ticket, which is in the personal account. There will also be information about all transactions., made by the participants during the use of the site.

According to the published statistics, over the entire period of the company's existence, more than 1 million winning tickets, and the amount of payments is over 30 million US dollars.

Advantages and disadvantages of US lotteries

There are advantages and disadvantages to playing the American lottery. They should be studied, before deciding to take part in the draws.


Huge prize pools are the most important and obvious advantage of American lotteries. None of the CIS lotteries can boast of jackpots of several hundred million dollars.
Winnings are paid in dollars. Even if you fail to win the grand prize, but you will be able to guess at least a few numbers from the combination, then you can well count on a fairly generous, as by local standards, payment in 5-10 one thousand dollars.
The ability to play online. You don't have to go to the States, to take part in the next lottery drawing. You can buy a ticket online, and already in case of victory, you will need to come to the USA to receive the winnings.
High level of organization

US lottery draws are receiving close attention. By participating in US lotteries, you can be sure of the fairness of the draws and the guarantee of prize payments.

American lotteries and disadvantages are not without. There are not many of them, but residents of other countries should be aware of all the difficulties, they may face. for example, playing with lottery agents, you need to make sure they are honest. There is a risk, what if you manage to hit a really big jackpot, the lottery agent would prefer to hide with your money.

Remember, there is a fairly large tax on winning American lotteries. If you win big money and want to collect it in one check, you will have to donate about 60% prize amounts.

Worth saying, that American citizens don't like much, when foreigners win big prizes. If big prizes leave the country, citizens begin to write massive complaints to the authorities. No one wants to give huge capital to another country, but how much this can affect the difficulty of obtaining a prize, one can only guess.

Lotto America prizes and odds of winning

In Lotto America lottery 9 prize rounds. Players must guess 5 main numbers and number "Star Ball", to win the main prize, which starts from 2 million dollars, However, there is also an opportunity to win a prize for just correctly guessed Star Ball number.

The overall probability of winning a prize is 1 of 9,6.

Coincidence Odds Prize % the rize fund
5 major + Star Ball 1 of 25,989,600 Jackpot 23.10%
5 major 1 of 2,887,733 $20,000 0.69%
4 major + Star Ball 1 of 110,594 $1,000 0.90%
4 major 1 of 12,288 $100 0.81%
3 major + Star Ball 1 of 2,404 $20 0.83%
3 major 1 of 267 $5 1.87%
2 major + Star Ball 1 of 160 $5 3.12%
1 major + Star Ball 1 of 29 $2 6.86%
0 major + Star Ball 1 of 17 $2 11.80%

Lotto America Lottery has no jackpot limit, so it can grow from run to run, until someone guesses all the drawn numbers.

All Star Bonus Option

Below are the winning odds for each of the All Star Bonus numbers drawn:

All Star Bonus numbers Odds
5x 1 of 10.67
4x 1 of 8
3x 1 of 3.2
2x 1 of 2.13

This number defines, how the prize for players will increase, who added the 'All Star Bonus' option to their Lotto America tickets. for example, if 5x number was chosen, then the prize for correctly guessed 5 main numbers will grow from $20,000 to $100,000.

Powerball Lottery («PowerBall»)

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out.

How to buy tickets: in the states, lottery tickets can be purchased as American citizens, and citizens of other countries legally staying in the country (eg, tourists). Online ticket sales via the Internet are NOT available! But there are legal ways to play online outside the US.

Ticket price (one position): $2.

Minimum jackpot: $40 000 000.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 billion 586 million 400 one thousand dollars, shared by three members in January 2016 of the year.

Jackpot payout: it is possible to either receive the full amount of the jackpot (the first payment occurs immediately after formal procedures, the rest – increasing payments during 29 years old), or immediately receive in cash about half of the amount. Most winners choose the second payout option.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 292 201 338.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 24,87.

Drawing: held twice a week, wednesday and saturday.

Powerball Lottery Rules («PowerBall»):

From a drum with 69 white balls are drawn at random exactly 5 balls. From another drum with 26 balls fall 1 ball, which is called Powerball. To get the minimum win, you need to guess at least the PowerBall number, by filling out a special lottery ticket, to get the jackpot you need to guess everything 6 dropped balls. If the guesses are all 6 balls will be several people, then the jackpot will be divided equally between them. When buying tickets through the terminal, you can select the "Quick Pick" option mentioned at the very beginning of the text and then the ticket will be filled in randomly.

Players can multiply their winnings for an additional fee, using the special "PowerPlay" function (the ball with the number "PowerPlay" is drawn randomly before the start of the lottery). If the Powerball jackpot exceeds 150 million dollars, then it is possible to increase the winnings to 5 times inclusive. If the jackpot is less than the above amount, then a tenfold increase in the amount of winning is possible. But the "PowerPlay" option does not apply to the jackpot itself.

Approximate paytable Powerball (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • $4 – guessed only PowerBall (1 to 38,32);
  • $4 – guessed 1 ball and guessed powerball (1 to 91,98);
  • $7 – guessed 2 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 701,33);
  • $7 – guessed 3 ball and not guessed PowerBall (1 to 579,76);
  • $100 – guessed 3 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 14 494,11);
  • $100 – guessed 4 ball and not guessed PowerBall (1 to 36 525,17);
  • $50 000 – guessed 4 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 913 129,18);
  • $1 000 000 – guessed 5 balls and NOT guessed PowerBall (1 to 11 688 053,52). When, if you have used the "PowerPlay" function, then the payoff will be, regardless of the coefficient $2 000 000;
  • Jackpot – guessed 5 balls and guessed powerball (1 to 292 201 338).

The rules of the game have changed several times.. So, since the game was renamed to Powerball, the minimum jackpot has been 2 million dollars, and the game was played in the format 5/45 + 1/45, ie. dropped out 5 balls from 45 and the PowerBall fell out of the range from 1 to 45. In May 1997 year, the minimum jackpot increased by 5 times and made 10 million dollars, and the lottery format changed to 5/49 + 1/42. In June 1998 the jackpot record was set – $161 496 959. In July 2001 PowerPlay option added, and already in August of the same year, the jackpot took a new peak – $165 803 324,51. A year later, the format changed to 5/53 + 1/42, and in August 2015 the minimum jackpot was 15 million dollars, and the format became 5/55 + 1/42. And just a month and a half later, a new record jackpot was drawn in the amount of 340 million dollars.

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