Spanish National Lottery – National Lottery

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Spanish National Lottery – National Lottery

El Nino lotteries are held in Spain in the same way as El Gordo. (kid) and the National Lottery – National lottery. If El Gordo is drawn normally 22 December, then El Niño is played out 6 january. Nacional lottery is held on Thursdays and Saturdays weekly.

Loteria Nacional is also one of the world's oldest lottery projects. As with many other lotteries, it was created to replenish the treasury.

One tenth of the Spanish national lottery ticket (tenths) worth 12 euros. Respectively, if you want to buy the whole ticket – National lottery, you have to pay 120 euros.

On every ticket, ie. share printed his number, that is, a number from 00 000 to 99 9999. During the Nacional lottery draw, five balls with numbers are drawn from five reels. Then the procedure is carried out again for the second prize. Clear, that as in the case of the Christmas lottery, we are talking about very big chances of getting the main prize (which is, depending on the circulation, from 12 to 42 million euros) – 1 to only one hundred thousand.

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