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The primitive

What is La Primitiva

La Primitiva is the classic Spanish lottery.

The very first Spanish lottery draw was held in 1763 year. The game was called Loteria por Numeros at the time., and only in 1812 year she was renamed La Primitiva. In the first draw, we managed to sell tickets for 187 thousand reais. Part of this amount was spent on government taxes and payment for the organizers, the rest of the money became the game fund of the lottery.

To 1862 the game was played in the format 4 of 90. It was then that the Spanish government decided to close the La Primitiva lottery. But later 120 years old, after the revival of the lottery, its rules changed a bit and the draws began to be carried out in the format 6 of 49.

Despite such a long break, today La Primitiva is one of the most popular Spanish lotteries. And it's not just about good cash prizes. For a long time of its existence, the game has always been conducted according to the established rules, and the participants never suspected the organizers of any fraud. With this, the lottery won the great confidence of the Spaniards.

A bit of history

The lottery started in 1993 year - the first drawing was held 31 October. The cost of lottery tickets at that time - 500 peset (local currency), draws were held on the last Sunday of the month.

IN 1994 year of its owner found the first jackpot - its size reached the mark 1,116 million pesetas, the winning ticket was in the city of Cordoba.

IN 1997 the El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery is undergoing a major change - winnings are held weekly, the value of the bet fell to 250 peset.

Second lottery jackpot raffled off 15 November 1998 of the year, payment amount - 2,287 million in local currency.

When Spain joined the European Union, bid price has reached 1,5 euros, prize for 3 matches also became fixed – 15 euros.

Perhaps, one of the largest jackpots - 17 million euros, it was played in Palma de Mallorca. Dated 2003 year.

IN 2005 the lottery has gone through several major changes - guaranteed payments have been introduced, the chances of winning have increased and 8 prize categories.

At the time of publication of the article in El Gordo de la Primitiva, the draws are held weekly. The broadcast of the draw starts at 21.30 by local time.

You can buy a lottery ticket both at kiosks, and in special online services. The game is played in 5/54 + R format, you need to guess 5 main numbers (from 1 to 54), as well as additional Reintegro – from 0 to 9. Within one ticket there is an opportunity to make up to 6 bets - on the playing field will be filled, consistently, first and second row of blocks. The Reintegro service leaves the opportunity to return the retail ticket price to the player in case, if he has not guessed a single number.

The lottery is played live - a Reintegro ball will be randomly selected and 5 main numbers. Participants receive the main prize, who were able to correctly predict 6 numbers. Opportunities to win, meanwhile, much more - it all depends on, how many numbers from your lottery ticket match.

La Primitiva in Russia

Despite, that the lottery is not held on the territory of the Russian Federation, anyone who wants to take part in it, can do it thanks to intermediaries.

# 1 Create an AgentLotto account

After going to the official portal of AgentLotto, you need to go through a simple registration process, after which it is necessary to confirm it, having received a letter to the specified email address.

# 2 Select lotto

Since you can buy about 20 different lotteries, the user must opt ​​for La Primitiva.

# 3 Cross out the numbers

Now you need to choose 6 digits and Complementario number, then mark them. The participant also has the option to select more numbers, but in this case the ticket price will be increased.

№4 Ticket salaries

It remains only to pay your coupon. This can be done via a mobile phone, plastic cards and electronic wallets Webmoney and Yandex.Money.

# 5 Get a ticket

After, how will the payment go, the user can go to the personal account, where he will have access to an electronic version of his ticket. It's best to play it safe and keep a copy of it in a separate safe place., so that in case of winning, there were no unclear situations with the receipt of the prize.

# 6 Watch the lottery

Now it remains only to view the broadcast and compare the results. Broadcast on Thursdays and Saturdays, in 23:30 by MSC, on the official website of the La Primitiva lottery. In that case, if the participant missed the broadcast for some reason, it doesn't matter, the portal publishes the results of all draws. They can also be found on the AgentLotto portal.

# 7 Get money

All payments can be divided into 2 up to 600 euros and more. If the participant won the amount up to 600 euros, then AgentLotto will be able to transfer funds to a plastic card or to a mobile phone.

How to buy a ticket for La Primitiva

Never mind, you chose Lotto Agent or another service as an intermediary, to buy a ticket and participate in the Spanish La Primitiva, you need to go through a few simple steps:

  • Go to the reseller's website and register. Immediately after that, a letter will be sent to the email address you provided, with which you need to confirm registration;
  • Now go to your personal account on the website and top up your account. All possible payment methods were described in the previous section.;
  • Choose La Primitiva from all lotteries, presented on the website. Indicate which 6 digits and ball number Complementario you want to mark on your ticket;
  • After that, pay for the purchase with your own account on the website;
  • Some time after payment, a scanned copy of the purchased ticket will be sent to the personal account of the site and by e-mail. It is best to save it on your computer, to insure yourself in case of an unforeseen situation. This will give a guarantee, that you will definitely receive your winnings.

After that, it remains to wait for the next circulation and find out, how good a combination of numbers you marked on the ticket you bought

note, that on the intermediary's website the cost of one La Primitiva field is 3.11 dollars. By paying 4 or more tickets, you can get a discount from 10 to 15 %

Why Lotto Agent is good

Lotto Agent service has long confirmed its status as an honest broker, trusted by many Russian players. One of the important advantages of this service is, that you can pay for the order in a convenient way, among which there are:

  • Bank card MIR;
  • Webmoney;
  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex money;
  • Mobile phone bill.

Besides, it is possible to use international payment systems, such as Neteller and Skrill, as well as bank cards Visa, Maestro и Mastercard.

Lotto Agent service is used by many regular participants of foreign lotteries. The reseller stands out due to the fast site operation and low ticket prices. If you wish, you can find many positive reviews about Lotto Agent on the Internet..

La Primitiva win size

The La Primitiva lottery has several prize tiers:

  • 3 - those win, who correctly named three numbers out of six
  • 4 - those win, who correctly named four numbers out of six
  • 5 - those win, who correctly named five numbers out of six
  • 5+C - those win, who correctly named five numbers out of six and guessed the bonus ball "C" (Complementary)
  • 6 - those win, who correctly named six numbers out of six
  • 6+R (jackpot) - get those, who guessed six numbers out of six and whose ticket has the correct "R" number (Refund).
  • R is a "consolation" prize for those, who failed to name at least three numbers out of six correctly, but guessed the ball Reintegro.

Distribution of winnings by prize categories:

  • 3 - prize in 8 euros
  • 4 - the winners are distributed among themselves 24% prize fund
  • 5 - the winners are distributed among themselves 16% prize fund
  • 5+С - the winners are distributed among themselves 8% prize fund
  • 6+R - lucky, winning the jackpot, gets 52% prize fund
  • R - prize in 1 euros.

How to play La Primitiva

As stated earlier, draws are in the format 6 of 49. Therefore, in order to, to win the jackpot, the participant needs to guess the balls with which six numbers will fall out during the drawing. Besides, La Primitiva has another bonus ball, which is called Complementario. It allows you to increase the amount of the cash prize. This ball is drawn from the lottery drum after six main.

But this was only before 2012 of the year, when the organizers decided to complicate the existing rules. Now each purchased ticket is assigned a number from 1 to 9, which is called Reintegro. After the end of the main part of the circulation, the presenter takes a bonus ball from the lottery drum, whose number stands for Reintegro. It must match that number, which is indicated on the participant's ticket.

These changes make it a little harder to win the jackpot, since now it is not enough to guess the combination of 6 digits. If a the ticket number will not match the number of the dropped Reintegro ball, then you can forget about the main prize of the lottery.

Based on the above rules, it follows, that the player must buy a ticket and mark the combination of 6 digits, and also the Complementario bonus ball number. The Reintegro number will already be indicated on the purchased ticket. After that, you need to wait for the start of the next circulation and carefully monitor that, balls with what numbers the lottery drum gives out.

Terms of play

Follow these rules and then you are guaranteed to be able to get your prize.

Coming of age

Take part in the game El Gordo de la primitiva, Unfortunately, can only those, who has reached the age of 18. There is no upper age limit.

Receiving winnings

One very important condition of the lottery must be observed. It is possible to receive a win only in that country., where was the game itself

I.e, If you, eg, played in Russia, then you can get your reward only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

1 ticket - 1 winner

One single ticket in your hand is not a requirement at all. On the contrary, the more tickets you have, the higher the chances of winning. But if all your lottery bets won, then you can only pick up the reward for one of them, eg, that one, in which the largest number of numbers are guessed.

El Gordo de la primitiva lottery online tax free

It is most profitable to buy the La Primitiva lottery ticket online. After all, this is the only way your winnings will be delivered instantly to your own bank card..

How to find out the results and collect the prize

You can watch the live broadcast of the game and find out the results yourself. Each draw is broadcast on the official website of the La Primitiva lottery. The game starts at 23:30 Moscow time every Thursday and Saturday. If for some reason you could not see the live broadcast - do not worry. All data on the progress of the drawing and its results will be sent to your personal account on the intermediary's website, as well as to the email specified during registration.

All La Primitiva winnings can be divided into 2 categories: to 600 euro and more. If the prize amount is less 600 euros, the intermediary site will transfer money to your personal account, bank card or mobile phone account. The money goes to the winner within 3 hours after, how the lottery results will be announced.

If you manage to win a larger cash prize or jackpot, getting it will be a little harder. The easiest option is to go to Spain and collect the winnings in person. For those, who cannot afford to pay for the flight and accommodation, the intermediary offers the following option:

  • Issue a power of attorney for your agent's representative, who is located in Spain and can receive the cash prize for you;
  • You will also need to specify a convenient way to receive money. It could be a bank account, cryptocurrency wallet, etc.;
  • After that you have to wait a while, until a representative of the intermediary collects the winnings and sends it to you.

In any case, don't worry. If you win a large amount of money, then an employee of the intermediary service will contact you and tell you all the details of receiving the cash prize

To be sure, that you really get your money, it is important to weed out dubious services even at the stage of choosing an intermediary

Who can participate and how the payments are distributed?

According to the rules El Gordo lottery de la Primitiva there is no division of participants by country of residence - important, so that you are of legal age at the time of release. 55% profits from the sale of lottery tickets go to the formation of the prize fund

10% of the amount paid to Reintegro (refund of ticket price when guessing the number), the remaining 45% goes to payment. Minimum winnings - 3 euros, jackpot size (start) – 5 million euros

55% profits from the sale of lottery tickets go to the formation of the prize fund. 10% of the amount paid to Reintegro (refund of ticket price when guessing the number), the remaining 45% goes to payment. Minimum winnings - 3 euros, jackpot size (start) – 5 million euros.

  1. The lottery spends on the formation of the jackpot 22% on the size of the prize fund. This prize is paid to the winner, who managed to guess 6 number (the main 5 and additional 1).
  2. In the second category 33% players divide by the size of the prize pool, who guessed the main 5 rooms.
  3. Participates in the third category 6% on the size of the prize fund. Players get a share from this sector, able to guess 1 bonus and 4 main numbers.
  4. IN 4 categories - 7% prize fund. Paid to players, who managed to guess 4 main numbers.
  5. Category number 5 – 8% on the size of the prize fund. It is paid to players, who guessed 3 main numbers and 1 bonus.
  6. Participates in the sixth category 26% prize fund - paid to those, who managed to guess 3 winning combination numbers.
  7. Participates in the 7th category 6% prize fund. Payment for 1 bonus and 2 main numbers.
  8. In the 8th category, the payment is fixed - 3 euros.

How La Primitiva breeds people

It would be more correct to say, how scammers hide behind the name of the Spanish national lottery and cheat people for money. Divorce scheme, quite commonplace: a potential victim receives a letter in the mail, where it is written about, that she became lucky and won the La Primitiva lottery. And here there are two options for divorce:

  1. The letter contains a phone number, by calling which you get to the paid premium line. The lottery "agent" will pick up the phone, who will speak english.
  2. You may be offered to collect your winnings, but on condition, if you pay duty or tax.

Also, scammers can contact you by phone and demand from you your bank card details. Even if you think, that nothing bad will happen if, will you share this information, then you are wrong. Having just a card number, scammers can use this information for their own purposes.

If you received a letter in the mail with instructions to send money to a specific address, do not do that. No one will send you a super prize.

Interesting then, that scammers operate not only in Europe, but also across Asia. Scammers, basically, no matter who to fool and who to defraud. According to experts, the number of victims at the hands of swindlers is growing every year. Asks. why? After all, everyone has long known the schemes of violators. It turns out, that human psychology is arranged like this, that he just needs to see the new text and he again believes in the written. This is used by scammers, just me the contents of the letter, its name and so on.

Talking about telephone "divorces", then scammers are rarely represented by the Spanish national lottery, although a couple of cases were recorded.

How to extort money from players

Apparently the scammers are competing with each other, hiding behind the same lottery. Above we wrote about, how do scammers work under the name of the national lottery, and now let's share that, how intermediary companies offer to buy a ticket, European Lotto, deceiving citizens.

Organizations like TheLotter do an excellent job of this.. They created a bright website for themselves, where they offer to play any lottery in the world. If you choose La Primitiva Lotto, you will need to pay the developer a certain amount for a ticket. Sure, the price of the coupon will be overstated, since you have to pay for the agent's services, who will buy a ticket at an offline point in Spain. At least that's what they write on the site.. Then you will be sent a scanned copy of the ticket. All, then wait for the lottery results.

If you read the reviews, then you will see, that a small amount of money will be paid to you, but if you win a big prize, you can forget about it right away. Though, some are unlucky even for small amounts.

It's hard to trust intermediaries. But for some reason, many people fall for the attractive jackpots of European lotteries and hope to win their prize.

La Primitiva's reaction to scammers

La Primitiva definitely reacted to the fact, that scammers cheat people for money, using lottery name. Scammers move around the world easily. They counterfeit forms, names and signatures of various banking institutions or insurance companies. In general, they are being prepared thoroughly.

The Spanish state lotteries officially announce the following:

to get a win, no matter what denomination, need to, Firstly, buy a ticket for the game. By the way, this applies to any European and American lottery

Many of them do not distribute tickets online. Because of this, gamblers use the services of fraudulent intermediaries;
Like any foreign lottery, Spanish Lotto is tax-free or deposit-free. I.e, the player does not need to pay a commission to collect his prize. However, a certain percentage is deducted from the winnings..
In the case of a "premium" offer, related to the Spanish lottery, don't pay anything. Likely, in this case it is a crime, which should be immediately reported to local authorities. Spanish police have repeatedly detained and brought gang members to court, operating in Spain.

Knowing this, you can immediately see through the scammers, but for some reason people take risks and are led by provocations. Why? It really is a mystery.


La Primitiva Lottery - Spanish national lottery with one of the largest prize pools in Europe. Twice a week, La Primitiva participants claim a super prize. And this is the minimum 3 million euros.

The advantage of the La Primitiva lottery is the high probability of getting a prize. With probability in 10% the ticket price will be refunded: it's enough luck with the Reintegro number. Well, if you can correctly name at least three barrels of six balls, dropped from the lottery drum, then the investment in the ticket will increase in 8 time.

Another plus of La Primitiva - simple rules of the game. In fact, this is a regular lottery "6 out of 49" - guess 6 kegs from 49 in the lottery machine and receive a prize. Moreover, the probability of winning is greater, than in the classic "6 out of 49", because there are numbers Complementario and Reintegro.

This concludes the manual for the Spanish national lottery La Primitiva. Despite, that this lotto is officially held only in Spain, residents of Russia have a chance to participate in it. We think, that lottery lovers should take part in La Primitiva - there are not only simple and clear rules of the game, but also honest organizers, as well as high chances of winning.

Playing foreign lotto is the dream of every gambler. This is due to the fact, what a huge jackpot in foreign currency, you can only find there. Unfortunately, scammers skillfully hide behind the name of well-known companies and lure money out of people, taking advantage of the naivete of the players.

If you study player reviews, then on the sites of wholesalers you will find information not only about the bitter experience of people. Many brag about winning, but usually, such reviews are left by the scammers themselves, advertising your site, where you can buy a ticket for the Spanish National Lottery.

Anyone can buy a ticket on intermediary websites, although it is officially prohibited in Spain to play lotto for minors. Fraudsters always act according to the same scheme:

  • write a letter to a potential victim;
  • are urged to pay tax;
  • lure personal information.
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