Check lottery of Latvia and Lithuania

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Latvia: a year left before the check lottery

As reported, the first draw of the Latvian Check Lottery must take place no later than July 2019 of the year. The check lottery is organized by the State Revenue Service together with Latvijas Loto. There will be two types of draws - weekly and monthly. During the weekly draws there will be 10 cash prizes - by 200 euro each, and the amount of the monthly drawing is 3000 euros.

It is planned to use all checks for an amount over 5 euro excluding value added tax (VAT). Participants will need to register checks online, specifying information about the place of receipt and your phone number, so that the SRS have the opportunity to contact the winners. The lottery has no age restrictions.

According to the plan of the Cabinet, check lottery will help the SRS to compare the checks submitted by buyers and information from the cash registers of various companies. For instance, the SRS will be able to detect cases, when the check will be issued, but will not be registered or will be erased from the cash register.

The lottery will not be cheap for the state: the development of a special IT system will require 200 thousand euros, and the prize fund and administrative expenses - by 250 thousand euros in 2019 and 2020 years. But the authorities are planning, what will get from this venture more, what will be spent on its implementation.

The SRS considers, that the check lottery will bring additional 3 million euros thanks to a reduction in the number of dishonest traders, hiding from taxes. The Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Finance to increase forecasts for VAT receipts in 2019-2020 yy on 2,95 million. Latvians will start asking for checks and thereby help the SRS to fight unregistered cash registers, and as a result, Latvia will see the flourishing of fair trade and fair payment of taxes.

Check lottery: how it looks in Lithuania

Check lottery started in Lithuania in November 2017 of the year, the main prize was drawn for the first time 2 January this year. The draw is held once a week on Tuesdays (10 checks win by 200 euros). Once a month, a big prize is drawn - 5000 euros. Prize fund - 173 000 euros, and the total costs are about 300 000 euros.

Checks are considered lottery tickets, issued in the markets, in the cafe, restaurants, in hairdressers and repair shops. Minimum purchase amount - 1 euros (in Latvia there will be more 5 euros). To participate in the game, the check must be registered on the website Winners must present the original of the winning check and document, proof of identity. If a person does not apply for a prize on time, the entire amount is returned to the state treasury.

Already in the first week, about 40 thousand checks. Most of them were received for payment of services, reported by the Lithuanian DELFI. According to the head of the check lottery project - Rolandas Puncevičius from the State Tax Inspectorate, the main goal of the lottery is “increase income accounting and reduce “shadow” the economy. Therefore, spheres were chosen to participate in the game., where the most unaccounted funds are - that is, the markets and the service sector”.

Other sectors may be included in the lottery in the future, but now in Lithuania receipts from stores, Gas station, pharmacies and other similar places do not participate in the lottery.


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