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Is it possible to win a large amount of money in the lottery?

Win a large amount of money in the lottery or, as they say, hit the jackpot, absolutely anyone can, who bought a lottery ticket. A person's personal luck plays a role here, fortune, luck factor, maybe even some intuition. It happens, that the person has never participated in lotteries, and, buying a few random tickets in my life, won. But more often everything happens exactly the opposite.: people regularly spend a lot of money to buy lottery tickets, develop a variety of strategies, count combinations of numbers, but win only small consolation sums or win nothing. Nevertheless, the number of people willing to play and participate in lotteries is not decreasing, but only increases. After all, participation in the lottery, this is:

  • Fascinatingly;
  • Buying a ticket gives a positive attitude;
  • Helping the community, after all, part of the funds goes to charities;
  • There is still a chance to win a prize, which means you can improve your material well-being.

Examples of real big wins

There are a huge number of examples of real big wins. But that's the way it should be, and there is nothing surprising in this, because if there are jackpots, means, there are players, who are trying to win them, and win them successfully. Let's look at the largest winnings in the history of foreign and Russian lotteries.

Among Russian lotteries, at the moment, in terms of the amount of winnings, Nikolay F.. This player won the jackpot in Gosloto 6 of 45, the amount of which was 358 million. rubles. Nikolai never revealed his “proprietary formula”, which helped him win such an astronomical amount in the Russian lottery. He only noted, “Every number, which I cross out, makes serious sense”.

Iraqi player won $6,4 million.

As for the lucky ones, who managed to win in a foreign lottery, then in this case it is necessary to mark the player from Iraq, who won $6,4 million. in the Oregon-Megabucks lottery. The press calls him M.M., since he chose not to advertise his true name. It is noteworthy that, what he won through the intermediary Thelotter, buying American lottery tickets, while at home in Iraq.

Great Britain

General prize Online
To 500 £ inclusive Once drawn, prizes are credited directly to your National Lottery account, winnings can be withdrawn to a bank account or used to buy new tickets.
From 500 £ to 30 000 £ During the request period (180 days from the date of the draw) you need to confirm the transfer of winnings to a bank account using a debit card, registered in your online account.
From 30 000 £ to 50 000 £ These winnings can be requested, by calling the national lottery customer service team (National Lottery Customer Care Team) by phone 0845 278 8000, to make payment of winnings. You are welcome, have your ticket or player number handy, as well as bank details.
More 50 000 £ You need to contact the national lottery customer service team (National Lottery Customer Care Team) by phone 0845 278 8000, to claim a win. The representative of the national lottery will prepare everything for, so that you personally receive your winnings at the agreed place, eg, at your home or regional lottery center.
Direct debit If you play online using direct debit (Direct Debit) and win a prize before 50 000 £ inclusive, prize money will be deposited into your bank account via bank transfer or check.
General prize Official selling point
To 100 £ Winnings can be claimed at any authorized retailer.
From 100 £ to 500 £ Can be claimed at any authorized retailer provided, that he has enough funds, and that your ticket has not been approved yet. If your ticket has been approved, you must return to the retail point of sale, which originally approved, ticket, or claim a prize at the post office, affiliated with the national lottery.
From 500 £ to 50 000 £ Can be requested from the post office, affiliated with the national lottery, or by submitting a winning ticket with a completed request form (only for prizes over 500 £) by postal * address:

The National Lottery
Accounts Dept
PO BOX 287
WD18 9TT

Request forms can be obtained from selected retail outlets or by calling the national lottery telephone 0845 910 0000

More 50 000 £ First, you need to contact the national lottery and issue the prize at the agreed place, eg, at your home or regional lottery center. You will need to submit a document, proof of identity, and fill in the request, to get a win.

EuroMillions UK players may claim winnings within 180 days.

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