How to win Russian Lotto?


How to win Russian Lotto?

“What if you're lucky?” – it is with this question that people take part in the lottery drawing, whether “Russian lotto” or “State Housing Lottery”. This kind of games are in demand for the reason, that are available to any person and do not require special skills. At its core, a lotto game – this is a commercial version of the game “Bingo”, where you first need to pick numbers, well and then check them with those numbers, which as a result became winners.

The first lottery players lived in the 16th century, and this game began its distribution in sunny Italy. It was there that people began to get involved in this game., yes so much, that the government had to ban it, because the excitement covered more and more people. And from there, lotto gradually began to enjoy popularity in neighboring European cities., at the same time being updated every time due to the emergence of new rules.

It is for its simple process that lotto has become widespread among all types of draws, and scientists have tried to study all the subtleties of this game.

Financial analyst Joseph Granville can be considered a pioneer in the creation of the theory of the game of bingo.. According to his theory, to increase the probability of winning, the player must evenly place numbers on the playing field, while the number of both small, so large numbers should be approximately the same. According to the analyst, it is worth striking a balance between multiples and non-multiples 2 (without residue), and also between numbers, ending in a certain digit.

A more modern study belongs to Briton Leonardo Tippet, dedicated his life to statistics. Scientist proves, what, based on the number of all available game elements, it is best to choose numbers, close to 45. Namely those, which are as close as possible to the middle of all numbers.

However, it is worth noting, whatever, no other scientist has succumbed to the construction of a unified and really working strategy, since all numbers come out at random, which most often leads to their even distribution on the playing field. And all these numbers are rarely grouped in one particular place..

How to win Russian Lotto?

And yet the popularly loved games “Russian lotto” and “Housing lottery” according to statistics, they can freely lead to success. There are not many numbers that are not dropped out from time to time, which means, that there is always a win. And there are quite a few such cases.

Taking into account the statistics, you can say, what third win, fourth or fifth players. How to be among these lucky ones? Which tactics to choose, to bring the coveted prize closer?

  • You need to be positive before buying a ticket, believe in your victory. Psychologists say, what does it work;
  • If funds allow and can't wait to get rich quickly, need to buy several tickets;
  • You can buy tickets together with friends. More tickets – higher chance. In this case, the truth and the gain will have to be divided equally.;
  • Is considered, that there should be no repeating combinations in the ticket, the more diverse, all the better;
  • you need to buy tickets constantly, without missing a single print run.

There are many more tricks, used by Russian Lotto players: invent computer programs, to count the lucky combination of numbers, calculate the lucky number by the numerological method, turn to astrologers, perform rituals. What ultimately leads to success? Any strategy can work, the main thing is to hope and believe in your victory.

The lucky owner of a couple of million rubles, Raisa Osmanova, once bought a dozen lottery tickets from one of the Russian lotto draws. These were two very common tickets and two groups of four, in them, the woman marked combinations of numbers to 90. One of the tickets won, thereby making the woman the owner of the apartment. Raisa did not immediately understand, what really happened, that she won the lottery. The millionaire says, that one should never despair, because thoughts are material.

Where is it more convenient to buy a lottery ticket

Is always, buy lottery, where is more convenient for you. Probably, everybody knows, that a lottery ticket can be bought at almost all newsstands, Sberbank branches, large shopping centers and similar places. it happens, no, no, and in the vegetable department you will come across the offer “Buy a lottery!». But there are several nuances here..

Firstly, in these places I offer you only Russian lotteries – like Gosloto and the like. And secondly, you don't want it, but you have to go somewhere.

For people, who faced the first, but they refuse to leave the house (or just relaxing at home and decided to touch Lady Luck for the body) there are many sites. These sites are ready to provide you with the opportunity to purchase a lottery ticket, without leaving home – so called lottery shops. They can be easily found on the Internet by requesting "Gosloto" or "Buy a lottery". For example, you can mark, probably, the most popular and, in my opinion, the highest quality site stoloto. Where is it offered to buy the most popular Russian lotteries.

But what should people do, who don't want to face injustice? Those people, who want to buy a lottery, held in Europe, USA or Australia ... Where the jackpots are really high. And the excitement to win much more! Here the answer is much simpler. Buy a ticket only online. Since I don't think, that there are people, who decided to go to another country for a ticket.

Do I need to overpay for the work of agents

Independent resellers present a wide range of lotteries. Many players use their services. Such firms distribute tickets in the regions, who do not participate in the drawing under the original conditions. Agents purchase tickets from operators directly. And then they release them for sale through their websites.

Any user can buy such tickets on the Internet., registered. A copy of the document is sent to your personal account after payment. If desired, the user can ask to send the original coupon by mail to the address, specified in his profile.

Buying lottery tickets is available to people, come of age

Moreover, it is important to comply with the laws of the country., in which the lottery is issued. It is important to clarify, because the threshold of majority in different states is not the same

The conclusion from the above is simple: overpay for the services of agents, because it is one of the few reliable ways to buy foreign lottery tickets.

How to win "Cup" in Russian Lotto?

Winning the Cup is hard enough, because certain conditions and rules must be met to win. They are simple enough, therefore they are easy to understand, but to get the right combination to win the cash prize, have to rely on their own luck.

Lotto is held in several rounds. Throughout the game, the non-replaceable host Mikhail Borisov pulls out several barrels from an opaque bag. First round win those tickets, in which all numbers horizontally coincide with the named numbers. In the second, the numbers on the cards will be identical to the kegs. In the third - all thirty numbers will match. And only after that the presenter conducts the drawing "Kubyshka".

After each round, Mikhail Borisov takes out all the remaining barrels from the bag. Participants cross out the numbers on their ticket at all times, to find out, could they win a prize, or a little unlucky this time. If you have four uncrossed cells left in one row, then don't be upset, because you will be able to qualify for the Cup.

Each ticket has two playing cards, which contain fifteen random numbers from 1 to 90 inclusive. They are arranged in three rows, five cells in each. If all uncrossed numbers are on the same line, then it means, that you received a win. If at least one keg is on a different line, then, Unfortunately, such a ticket is automatically considered a losing ticket.

There is one simple algorithm, how to check the capsule. If four or five uncrossed numbers are found only on the first, second or third line, then this is a win. If the numbers are less than four, then the Cup does not count.

If you failed to win the Russian Lotto, then don't be upset. Next time you will definitely be lucky, and luck will surely smile!

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What does the ticket and Jackpot look like? 1349 circulation of the Russian lotto?

Many players often ask the question, what a raffle ticket looks like 1349 lottery draw “Russian lotto”, That will take place 16 August. We make a clarification, even for regular runs, several ticket options are available for sale (depends on the place of sale), not to mention the draws dedicated to various holidays and memorable dates.

To summarize the above, note, absolutely all tickets take part in the drawing 1349 of the Russian Lotto draw, which got the name “Honey circulation”, regardless of the image applied to them, even those of them, which do not indicate the circulation number. We've added the most popular design options above, but they are not alone

At the moment, the Jackpot amount is set at 900 million rubles, if the jackpot stays in the game, then its accumulated part will continue to increase from circulation to circulation and will again approach the billion rubles mark!

maybe, in 1349 in the Russian Lotto draw, you will be lucky to join the ranks of lottery millionaires, win one of the smaller cash prizes or even the Jackpot. Note, the amount of the Jackpot is very close to one billion rubles!

Lottery “Russian lotto” weekly on Sundays provides a chance to win big cash prizes, which in February will be prizes of one million rubles, cars and travel.

If you win one of them, your life will undergo significant changes., which will save you from most of the financial difficulties in part or in whole. If luck is on your side, then the Jackpot in the amount of 900 million rubles. If this happens, then this gigantic amount will turn your whole life!

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