How to choose the best lottery syndicate?

How to win at stoloto: secrets, schemes, how to choose a winning ticket

The main types and features of lotteries

Now on the gambling market you can find a huge number of lotteries. Sure, many beginners may well get confused in such a wide variety. The main advice in this case – stop your choice on the most popular and large-scale lottery games.

Immediately note, that lottery games have no specific secrets. That's why, if you come across an offer to sell a secret, effective and 100% winning strategy – do not rush to buy it. There is a high probability that, what is it simple “divorce”. Better spend that money on buying another lottery ticket. By and large, all lotteries can be divided into two types:

Fast lotteries

Without a doubt, this is the simplest type of lottery game. The essence of the game itself is, that you need to erase the field closed on the lottery ticket. If you won, you will see the corresponding text. Also worth noting, that there are some other types of fast lotteries. for example, after purchasing a ticket, you just need to tear off a small part of the ticket. Largely, in case you are lucky, you can receive your winnings directly “in place”, that is there, where you purchased the winning ticket. True in some cases, especially when it comes to fairly large amounts, you will have to contact the lottery organizer.

Types of lotteries

Draw lotteries

This type of lottery can be called the most common, and it is conditionally divided into two categories. The first category includes lotteries, in which the player independently chooses a combination of numbers, and by the second – lottery, in which the player purchases a ready-made ticket with a unique number indicated on it.

A separate group should include the so-called local draws. In this case, we are talking about various quizzes. As practice shows, mostly one-time events, which are organized by companies to achieve certain commercial goals. Furthermore, more often than not money is provided as a prize, and any goods. By the way, experienced gambling addicts recommend not neglecting participation in such events, because the chances of winning in such draws are quite high due to the limited number of participants. Another question: do you need, let's say, clothes dryer?

Pros and cons of fast and drawn lotteries

In the fast (instant) lotteries have their positive aspects:

  • The lottery result is known immediately;
  • Possibility to receive your winnings on the spot, if the amount is small;
  • Buying a lottery ticket online;
  • The ticket has a bright attractive appearance.

Cons in fast (instant) lotteries are also present:

  • Loss of a winning ticket;
  • There is no way to choose combinations of numbers yourself;
  • Prizes won are usually small;
  • A large number of fraud organizers.

Increase your chances of winning, you can buy tickets from proven and positively proven organizers. It's also a good idea to keep track of the statistics of prizes already paid., to analyze, which lottery brings the most wins. Buying a ticket, you need to make sure it's authentic, check on the back side information about the organizer and the timing.

Pros and cons of fast and drawn lotteries

Pros of Draw Lotteries:

  • Large amounts of jackpots, which accumulate due to the large number of players;
  • The variety of draw lotteries is very large, there is a choice;
  • Can be played by syndicates or alone;
  • Numerical combinations can be written by yourself or selected automatically.

Cons of draw lotteries:

  • Due to the large number of numbers, difficult to guess more than two or three numbers;
  • Long wait for the next circulation.

Lottery syndicate as it is

A very important nuance when playing lotto syndicate
- selection of a proven "treasurer", person or site, dealing with all organizational issues. The fate of the syndicate depends on it, his financial stability and general atmosphere within the group. But you're in luck! We offer you a verified site, where all winnings are split automatically.

ATTENTION!!! Unfortunately in Russia the site with group games is prohibited at the moment

Just buy a lottery ticket

so, lottery syndicate increases your chances of winning a big prize or jackpot! for example, if someone from “your” players won the jackpot amount 15 000 000$, then you get 1/20 from the sum, and this 750 000$.

The syndicate is also called "pool". It has two varieties:

  1. Own syndicate (it is also called offline). Such a group of people is selected from a close circle - relatives, acquaintances, comrades, etc..
    The indisputable advantages of this type of syndicate include the following:, that in such a group it is easier to agree and establish their own rules of existence. Most often, one member is nominated from the composition of such a syndicate., who takes responsibility for buying tickets for everyone. Respectively, this member of the syndicate will represent the group when receiving prizes. Besides, such a syndicate representative keeps statistics, follows the draws, keeps tickets for the whole group (when it comes to paper copies).The syndicate is not limited by the number of members who join it. The group chooses the numbers for the game together or assigns this matter to one representative.
  2. Ready syndicate. It is also called online. In such a group, people are recruited randomly. Often, members of the same syndicate don't even know each other. Online syndicate requires certain rules. Every new member, when joining a syndicate, accepts and abides by these rules. Such associations of players involve a certain fee for participation in them.. Besides, the number of participants in such a group is limited.

Lottery tickets are filled in randomly, less often by the founders of the syndicate.

How to create a lottery syndicate?

To start -
must be at least 18 years old. If you are an adult, you can safely buy tickets
independently or team up with other players. Next, consider step by

1. Decide on the game and rules.

If you do
decided to create our own lottery pool, should, Firstly, will be determined
with the game. We recommend not to spray several. Choose one, which
you like the most. Study its rules carefully, possibility of increasing
bet or system game. Read all the organizers' recommendations, find out
points of sale of tickets and conditions of payment of winnings. You should be fine
savvy in everything, as for the game, to answer the questions of others
syndicate members.

2. Put the rules on paper.

So that in the process
there was no disagreement in the game, all the rules should be written down on paper, make up
something like a contract. The full names of all must be entered on the same document.
participants with their own signatures. If in the future you have
disagreements, you can refer to the file, in which everything is fixed. it
significantly reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and incomprehensible situations.

3. Choose a time and place for the gathering of participants.

syndicates usually involve players meeting before each lottery draw, in
which they take part. Convenient, if you always have a place for
holding meetings. There are a lot of options: you can arrange a meeting at someone's home,
choose a cozy coffee shop or coworking space.

4. Determine the method of selection of numbers.

This step calls
most heated discussions, but there is no way around it. Trust the generator
random numbers will not work. After all, the syndicate involves a big purchase
lottery tickets or expanded bets. So that the combinations are not repeated and cover
the largest number of rooms, have to decide on their own. You can
choose constant numbers to play, and you can pick up new ones every time.

5. Determine the amount of contributions and prize payments.

This item
suggests several options. The fixed fee is suitable for permanent
membership fees. Regardless of the number of participants, everyone pays the same
amount of money. Depending on this, the number of tickets and the percentage varies.
win. There is a second option - everyone pays a different amount, cost
winnings are calculated proportionally. If your pool does not have a persistent
composition, the second option would be more appropriate.

Syndicates can be organized into different types:

  • personal;
  • territorial;
  • strategic and other.

AgentLotto site, eg, offers to choose one of four types of player associations. Here, everyone takes into account the way they play, which is more to the liking of the participant.

  1. Random Number Syndicate. This kind of game involves, that the numbers for the game will be selected automatically (computer).
  2. Systematic. This type of game is based on participation in the drawing of several numbers., more precisely than all numerical combinations with them.
  3. The presence of a winning extra number. This additional number acts as a bonus, able to multiply the prize on the main fields of the ticket.
  4. Number Match Syndicate. One number is chosen and all combinations are used during the game, assuming the presence of exactly the selected number. This approach provides 100% probability, that it will fall out.

In the syndicate, the participant does not buy the lottery tickets themselves, and part of the purchased number of tickets. Moreover, that share is redeemed, which covers the specified way of playing. Approximately this share will cost the player 10 dollars.

How to be, if not all shares in the syndicate for the drawing have been redeemed? The site undertakes to redeem them at its own expense.

Syndicate pitfalls

Not every syndicate is a good idea. Sometimes it happens, that the idea of ​​playing as a group only gives rise to a number of difficulties.

For instance, if your group members don't want to follow the general rules. Or, if the agreement is vague and unclear, or it doesn't exist at all.

The history of lottery games keeps track of what happened 7 years ago. Then the group of players, employed by a hospital in Australia, won the main prize of the lottery. One of the members of the syndicate constantly did not transfer his contribution on time, took installments, and then, in principle, did not invest a dime in the syndicate's cashier. When did it become known about winning a large prize, he came with a demand to pay his share. Syndicate members are still in litigation in this case., and their prize fell dead weight on the account of a law firm.

Hearing stories like this, I want to immediately write in the agreement a clause on penalties for late payments ...

How to participate in a lottery syndicate.

There are only two ways to do this.:- create your own. - join an existing.

On the pages of the newspaper
"Zigzag of Fortune" regularly publishes announcements about the collection points of individual pools.
There are chapter contacts and meeting time. Before entering, you must carefully
read the rules, ask about all the nuances and conditions for buying tickets,
distribution of winnings. The invitation to the clubs can be found on the pages
social networks.

If you are not
suit the rules or you did not find anything near you - there is only one way out.
Create your own pool. The following tips are tailored for such a case.

Why are there so few dissatisfied

Authors of negative reviews warn: this project belongs to scammers, making money on gambling users, unable to control their emotions

However, the admonitions of the doubters, few people pay attention. But the conversations of partners about buying shares in all indiscriminately Chicago, Tokyo, Parisian and other European syndicates produce a much greater effect

Users, whose reviews about "Alpha Syndicate" give out in them the participants of the affiliate program, bombard newcomers with news about the opening of new representative offices in cities, where syndicates are common, as well as the possibilities of duty-free transfer of winnings.

Failures, sure, took place, but they are in the past. After the innovative proposal of one of the co-owners of the company to introduce the option of "automatic ticket filling by the elimination method" everything changed.. Now, partners report, the risks of throwing money down the drain are reduced to zero.

According to experts, the players' association in question belongs to the new type of fraudulent companies. Before you start withdrawing funds, the owners of the web platform thought through every little detail and properly instructed the participants of the affiliate program.

No negative reviews about “Alpha Syndicate” experts commented something like this: testimonials from victims, possibly, tracked and immediately removed.

Pool your resources with other players, to increase your chances of winning

Syndicate – it's a proven way to win the lottery, with their help, more 25% lotteries. Every lottery ticket purchased has one chance to win. But if the syndicate members bought 100 or 1000 tickets, then the chances increase accordingly! The more players in the syndicate, the higher the chances!

Объединитесь с 39 игроками и приобретите:

80 combinations on:


Only ₪ 0.44 per hand

you save: 85%

Объединитесь с 39 игроками и приобретите:

240 combinations on:


1 combinations on:


Only ₪ 0.85 per hand

you save: 87%

Объединитесь с 39 игроками и приобретите:

500 combinations on:


3 combinations on:


Only ₪ 0.88 per hand

you save: 90%

Syndicate example

Ten people form a syndicate. They buy 10 lottery tickets (each one one). The cost of participation for each person is the same, as if he was playing alone, while the chances of winning increase by 10 time. If one of these tickets wins, then the winnings are divided among all syndicate participants. Since there are usually a lot of tickets in the syndicate, it often wins more than one ticket. therefore, if you like to win, join one of the syndicates. We took over all the work of organizing the syndicates, You just have to join one of the syndicates and start playing.

What drives the lottery player

Our people play the dozens lottery, or even hundreds of times less, than, let's say, in America. The reason for this is the way of thinking of Russian people. For most of us to take a chance, to win - the action is generally rare, often spontaneous. But in America, from childhood, a formula for success is laid in people's minds, other people's achievements are glorified, lucky people they have – an example to follow.

In our country, such people are treated with a negative connotation.. Playing the lottery falls into the same category, after all, the element of randomness for us is rather bad, Why is it good. It is very difficult to form a new way of thinking, and, may be, in several generations we will be imbued with the same spirit of healthy adventurism, how abroad. In the meantime ... While everything is pretty sad.

Effective strategies for winning lotteries

For, to increase your chances of winning, you can become a member of a lottery syndicate. This association is a community of people, who regularly buy tickets. In case of winning, the amount is divided among the participants in accordance with the contributed share. The effectiveness of participation in a syndicate is based on a simple and completely logical conclusion – buying more tickets increases the chances of winning. The easiest way to find like-minded people to organize a syndicate – write about your desire in thematic groups of social networks and invite friends to participate.

One of the simplest, nevertheless, an effective way to increase the chances of winning the lottery is to choose a certain combination of numbers. You must bet on it in several runs at once. This opportunity is provided by many lottery organizers.. You don't have to develop and analyze complex strategies. You just need to bet on pre-selected numeric values ​​every time. Many cases known, when this approach worked and people won large sums of money.

You can significantly increase the chances of winning, using an expanded rate. This strategy can be applied to lotteries, in which a person independently determines the numbers. In the "5 out of 36" combination, you choose not 5, and 6 or 7 rooms. The ticket price will be higher due to the expanded rate. However, all the values ​​proposed by you will take part in the game..

Participation in distribution drawings can turn into a resounding success. Such draws are not held very often. But most of the big lottery wins come from these games.. Worth considering, that the value of the jackpot does not affect the ticket price in any way. You get a chance to win more, paying the regular price.

If you want to try a scientific approach, it is worth applying psychological analysis to the chances of winning. It is common knowledge, that many players use memorable dates as numerical combinations (birthdays, weddings and stuff). Thus, when choosing a number after 31 the winning amount will be much higher (if these numbers play). After all, these combinations are used by people much less often..

If you buy several tickets at once, before you pay for your purchase, make sure, that the numerical values ​​in them are not repeated. The most convenient place for choosing lottery tickets are now sites. Going to the resource, where is the sale, you can choose tickets with the values ​​you like.

You can influence the size of the win, if instead, to regularly buy one ticket, get a few before the big jackpot draw. Combining several of the strategies described above at once, you will be able to significantly increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Why Syndicate

By joining one of the syndicates, you will play together with other players, setting a common goal of winning! By pooling your resources with the rest of the players, You increase your chances of winning. Each player chooses those numbers, who wants. therefore, even playing in a syndicate, You put your personality into it.

But syndicates are not so scary, how they are painted.

Most often, such a combination is a lifeline for some players..

Syndicate members fired on one day in Canada, since they got cut. The employees decided to mark the last day at work by buying lottery tickets, so to speak, for luck. What was their surprise, when it became known, what the syndicate won 7 million dollars!

So whether to join a syndicate or not is not an unambiguous question.. Someone is profitable, someone - no.

Here are some situations, when you definitely shouldn't join a syndicate:

  • the player is not in the habit of sharing and the division of the prize between the members of the syndicate will cause him irreparable harm from a psychological point of view;
  • the participant does not trust the members of the syndicate and is not sure about the reliability of those syndicates, which he is offered to choose from;
  • a person cannot compromise and negotiate with other members of the association;
  • the player is insolvent.

As a conclusion

How to start a lottery syndicate?

Lottery syndicate is a group of people, who bought a large number of tickets, after agreeing to share Stoloto's winnings. Usually such syndicates are organized by a close circle of people., who trust each other unconditionally.

This is due to the fact, that the money is transferred to the account of only one person, who bought the ticket directly. So there is a risk, that an unscrupulous lottery participant can take money for himself and remain right from the point of view of legislation.

Therefore, it is recommended to either organize lottery syndicates with immediate family and friends, or fix the obligation of the lottery participants to each other legally. Worth compiling paper, on which each participant will put his signature.

In particular, should be determined in advance, what percentage of the winnings in the Stoloto lottery a particular syndicate member can count on. This usually depends on the proportion of tickets purchased by him relative to the total number of tickets..

Define important decisions with direct voting. You can choose the main organizer of the syndicate (human, who will take care of all the troubles associated with this process) and lottery, which you will play.

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