03347, the fat man of the christmas lottery 2018

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Rain of millions

The Christmas Lottery has distributed this year a total of 2.380 million euros in prizes, which is the same amount as last year. The winners of the first prize, Fat', they will receive 400.000 euros to the tenth, with 680 million euros to be distributed with this main prize.

The second prize amounts to 1,25 million euros per series (125.000 euros to the tenth) and the third, a 500.000 euros to series (50.000 euros to the tenth).

Breaths, the two fourth prizes have distributed 200.000 euros per series (20.000 euros to the tenth) and the eight fifths, 60.000 euros (6.000 euros to the tenth). There have also been 1.794 prizes of 100 euros to the tenth, what is known as the stone.

From this money you have to deduct what the Treasury takes. The winners will pay less to the treasury this year. The exempt amount has increased this year to 20.000 euros versus 10.000 of 2018. This means that only the first prize will be paid to the Treasury, Fat, the second and the third. Fourths and fifths will be exempt. Yes, the lien remains in the 20%.

The taxation of the prizes is as follows:

Fat': It is endowed with 400.000 euros per tenth. It is taxed by 380.000 euros, on which the 20%. In this way the graceful one takes 324.000 euros and finance, 76.000 euros.

Second prize: Distributes 125.000 euros to the tenth of which is taxed for 105.000. The winner takes and Hacienda 21.000.

Third award: The lucky ones take 50.000 euros per tenth. Are taxed 30.000 euros, what supposes that 6.000 euros go to the tax agency and 44.000 euros for the owner of the prize-winning tenth.

The two fourth prizes (20.000 euros each) they will no longer have the lien of 2.000 euros from last year., stone, approximations and reimbursements also do not have to render accounts with the Treasury as they are less 20.000 euros.

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