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Every Spaniard will spend 62,72 euros on average in Christmas Lottery, 1,22 euros more than in 2014


Mathematics teacher calculates the probability of winning the jackpot in a video


Almost all the children of Colegio San Ildefonso participate in the Christmas Sortero as “part of the essence” from the center


Christmas Giveaway: Fat (13437), sold in L’Eliana


Christmas Giveaway: the 2nd prize (92845), sold in Valencia


Christmas Giveaway: a parish of Alfafara distributes 1,8 million with a 5th prize, he 74012


Christmas Giveaway: A 4th prize, sold in Valencia, Manises, Dénia, Quart, Pedralba and La Pobla de Vallbona


Christmas Giveaway: a 4th prize, he 67009, sold at the Hipercor in Valencia, in Xirivella and Puerto de Sagunto


The ONCE Sueldazo distributes a prize of 24.000 euros per year in Xàtiva


This is how the Gordo de Navidad has been celebrated in Valencia and Manises

Christmas stories with values ​​for children

Stories have the power to entertain, but also to educate. And it is that many of the teachings that we must instill in our children can be found in stories. In this way, children will quickly empathize with the story and it will be easier for them to understand values ​​such as solidarity, generosity or kindness. If you also want to use this tool to transmit a lot of learning to your children, We propose you a selection of Christmas stories with values!

– A lesson for Jaime On these dates everything is parties and fun, but maybe we should stop and reflect on what is the true meaning of Christmas, what image we are transmitting to our children and, especially, how is the behavior of our children regarding the fact of receiving gifts or not.

– The little box of kisses I have a handkerchief nearby because you may even shed a tear while reading to your son the story of a girl who shows her parents that there is no better gift than a hug and a kiss from the heart.

– Magical chaos Have you ever stopped to think about all the work that Santa Claus and the elves have to do on the night of 24 December so that all children receive their gifts on time? They are almost out of hands! But, Do you want to know where they get the strength and energy so that everything goes well that day? ¡ De ti!

– Chestnuts passed through water How difficult it is for children to feel identified with what happens to others! True? If it really costs us adults, To them more! Therefore, the story of 'Chestnuts passed through water’ It can allow you to talk to the little ones about what empathy is and how to empathize with others.

– Christmas Gifts How can we make Christmas a little better world? It is at our fingertips and it is much simpler than we think.

– The barefoot child Generosity is a value that is very present at Christmas since there are many opportunities within our reach to share with others and give something of ours to those who need it most.. And about these concepts is the story of this child who has no resources and, Nonetheless, decides to give another child what little he has.

Where can I collect the Christmas Lottery?

If among the graceful numbers is yours, you sure don't want to wait and want to collect it quickly. Christmas raffle prizes can be collected on the same day of the event, that is to say, he 22 December and from 18:00 hours. Yes, depending on the amount we will have to go to different places, if it is less than 2.500 euros in any lottery administration; if it is superior, you should go to concerted financial entities (BBVA, Santander, CaixaBank, CZECH). If, on the contrary, you prefer to approach a territorial delegation of L.A.E, You will only need your ID and the tenth winner, to make your payment, whatever the quantity.


One day before the Christmas Draw, the draw balls with the numbers and prizes are publicly examined. Besides being counted, any attendee can examine them personally. The bass drum balls are made of boxwood, a light and resistant wood. The weight of the balls is exactly the same in all of them and they have the numbers laser engraved to avoid weight differences due to the amount of paint that the balls could carry. After counting, the room is vacated and all its entrances are secured with interior locks, except for the stage door, whose three keys are held by three different people, once closed and sealed.[appointment required]

The living room opens at 8:00 of the day 22 from December, spectators being allowed entry, with no other limitation than the capacity of the premises. At 8:30 the board that presides and authorizes the draw is constituted. Later, after being shown to the public where anyone who wishes can check if their number is between the balls, these are transported mechanically in the hopper, a container used to transport the balls to the drums. From the draw of 2011, by increasing the number of balls to 100 000, two hoppers are necessary to enter the numbers in the drum. By last, the drums are closed and at a signal from the president they turn simultaneously.

Around the 9:15 the draw itself begins. A boy from the Colegio de San Ildefonso extracts a ball from the drum of numbers and another boy, at once, one of the awards, both being sung by two others who insert the balls into the wires provided for this purpose. Kicks only spin when the wire is full. These wires are gathered in a "table" to contain two hundred balls of each kind., being duly closed in front of the meeting table with the agreement of the president and the controller. As the table fills up, the four children who have participated in that table are replaced by another four, and the process is repeated. The Christmas Lottery draw concludes when there is no ball left in the prize pool.

During 40 Years ago, the raffle was held in the traditional State Lottery and Betting Hall on Guzmán el Bueno Street in Madrid. In 2010 and 2011 was held at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses on Paseo de la Castellana. 2012 It is held at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

A team of more than forty people makes it possible to obtain the list of prizes from the draw and the populations that have won the prizes through a computerized process controlled in all its extremes. Thus, approximately at 45 minutes after the draw is over, and after going through several checks and tapping, The ribbon and list of prizes is prepared for delivery to the National Mint and Stamp Factory, in charge of printing the official list of awards. This list is edited and distributed the same afternoon of the day 22 to the Lottery Administrations and the media.

The tables with the winning numbers are exposed to the public for seven days. After this time, are opened and the balls counted and examined again, for any other draw after being held by this system.


Tickets are named after tenths because the bettor plays the "tenth" part of the ticket amount, that is to say, a bill is subdivided into ten tenths. Of all the numbers series are emitted, that is to say, each bill of each number is repeated a series of times. In was the first year in which they participated 100 000 numbers (from the number 00000 to the 99999), Until then, the number of numbers that participated was less. 2017, the number of series is 170. Thus, the emission amounts to 3400 millions of euros, of which a 70 percent goes to awards, that is to say, 2380 million euros. 30 The remaining percent is used to pay commissions to the points of sale (3,70 %), to administrative expenses and to the Public Treasury (about the 22 %).A total of 14 008 numbers between 100 000 will be awarded, without taking into account that the same number can win more than one prize.


Since 2011, are introduced 1807 balls in the jackpot, with the following amounts for each bill - regardless of its series - and its probability of success:​​

Number of winning numbers Ticket prize Prize per euro played Description of the award category Probability Total for that category (170 series)
1 4 000 000 € 20 000 € Fat / First prize 1/100 000 (0,001 %) 680 000 000 €
1 1 250 000 € 6250 € Second prize 1/100 000 (0,001 %) 212 500 000 €
1 500 000 € 2500 € Third award 1/100 000 (0,001 %) 85 000 000 €
2 200 000 € 1000 € Fourth Prize 2/100 000 (0,002 %) 68 000 000 €
8 60 000 € 300 € Fifth prize 8/100 000 (0,008 %) 81 600 000 €
1 794 1 000 € 5 € La Pedrea 1 794/100 000 (1,794 %) 304 980 000 €
2 20 000 € 100 € numbers before and after the first prize (approach) 2/100 000 (0,002 %) 6 800 000 €
2 12 500 € 62,50 € numbers before and after the second prize (approach) 2/100 000 (0,002 %) 4 250 000 €
2 9 600 € 48 € numbers before and after the third prize (approach) 2/100 000 (0,002 %) 3 264 000 €
99 1 000 € 5 € hundred (first three digits) of the first prize 99/100 000 (0,099 %) 16 830 000 €
99 1 000 € 5 € hundred (first three digits) second prize 99/100 000 (0,099 %) 16 830 000 €
99 1 000 € 5 € hundred (first three digits) of the third prize 99/100 000 (0,099 %) 16 830 000 €
198 1 000 € 5 € hundred (first three digits) of the fourth prizes 198/100 000 (0,198 %) 33 660 000 €
999 1 000 € 5 € numbers whose last two digits (termination) match those of the first prize 999/100 000 (0,999 %) 169 830 000 €
999 1 000 € 5 € numbers whose last two digits (termination) match those of the second prize 999/100 000 (0,999 %) 169 830 000 €
999 1 000 € 5 € numbers whose last two digits (termination) match those of the third prize 999/100 000 (0,999 %) 169 830 000 €
9 999 200 € 1 € Refund to the numbers whose last figure coincides with that of the first prize 9 999/100 000 (9,999 %) 339 966 000 €
Total for 170 series 2 380 000 000 €

This makes a total of 15 304 awards (9999 refunds more 5305 of jackpots). However, the winning numbers are less since there are numbers that have more than one prize, good by the rules of the draw (p.e. the 999 numbers whose last two digits coincide with the fat one also always have a refund) or by pure chance (p.e. the probability that none of the stones will have reimbursement is less than 1e-81). The probability that I will touch you at least 1 award is from 14 % and the probability of winning the first prize is one 0,001 %.​​​

The best Christmas poems for children

If your children like Christmas stories, you can alternate us with the Christmas poems. Another best literary and educational way to tell magical stories that happen in this context. Poetry tell, also, with a lot of benefits for the development of the same: exercises memory and concentration, makes the little one develop a greater sensitivity to the world, broaden your vocabulary and encourage your imagination and creativity.

Said all this, surely you want to know some of the most famous Christmas poems to start reciting them to your little ones today. Is it so? We started!

– Jesus, the sweet is coming We recommend you this poetry to recite at Christmas Eve dinner, before the birth of baby Jesus. Written by Juan Ramón Jiménez, author of Platero y yo, it will reach your heart through its verses we carry emotionality.

– The child God is born A very beautiful text that, besides talking about Christmas, can teach your children the sounds made by the different animals that gather around the manger of baby Jesus.

– Jesus, María y José In our selection of the best Christmas poems, you cannot miss one of the great Spanish poet Gloria Fuertes. Jesus, María y José will become one of the children's favorites for the simplicity of its vocabulary and, too, because of how easy the rhyme is.

– Who have entered the portal of Bethlehem? It is a beautiful poem written by Gerardo Diego, Spanish representative of the generation of 27, that can be converted into a unique text to include in your Christmas greeting from your loved ones.

– Santa Claus One of the characters most loved by children also has a poem to recite at this time of year. Can you imagine that on Christmas Eve afternoon you find your letter to Santa Claus on the desk of your table? Will you run out of presents? This is what this poetry is about.

Christmas story: dickens classic

Mr. Scrooge was an older man, rico, lonely and friendless. He was a very serious man, who kept going from his house to his office, without even looking at the people around him.

When christmas was coming, Scrooge grew even more sullen. I thought it was all a great waste of time, For him Christmas was a day like any other! It was Christmas Eve and Mr. Scrooge was, as always in his office, checking papers, while his secretary worked in the hall. He felt a murmur coming from the office door and suddenly, without giving him time to hide as he always did, he saw his nephew come in with a big smile. He came to wish him happy Christmas and to invite him to spend the night with him and his family.

The old man fired him in bad ways, telling him these parties were just bullshit. Your secretary, that I was still working even though it was late and everyone was coming home to spend Christmas Eve with the family, asked permission to withdraw. Scrooge granted it, but told him that the day after Christmas he would have to arrive earlier to make up the holiday.

An unexpected visit

When it was night and there was no living soul left on the street, the old man went home, a cold and gloomy building. Got ready to go to sleep, but when he was about to go to bed, unable to get out of his amazement he saw a ghost that appeared in front of him: recognized it instantly, it was his old partner Marley, died a few years before. Marley told him he was there to make him open his eyes, that he still had time to change his life. The specter told him that his soul did not rest in peace because of the life he had led, and that Scrooge was going the same way. He said that in the following nights, three spirits would come to visit him. When I finish saying these words, Marley's ghost disappeared.

The spirits

The first night, the spirit of Christmas past came to visit him; He took him with him to visit the place where he had grown up, and Scrooge could see himself as a child and as a young man, always sad and lonely. He could also see his sister, who had died many years ago, and remembered how much he loved her.

The second night came, and while the old man waited for the second spirit, could see a light coming from the next room. He walked in and saw a table dressed for a party full of plates with different foods. Next to the table, there was a man with a torch: It was the spirit of Christmas present. Together they went to the center of town, and they watched people go in and out of stores, bought gifts and delicious delicacies for Christmas dinner.

Then they went to the secretary's house, and the old man could see him with his family, laughing happily despite the poverty in which they lived, and that the smallest child was sick. From there they went to the house of Scrooge's nephew, and he could see how the family enjoyed Christmas night laughing and playing. Then the spirit led the old man back to his room.

The next night the spirit of Christmas to come was presented. They went out to the street and found people talking about someone who had died. They then saw other people selling the deceased's possessions, and also showed him the house of his secretary, where everyone cried because the little son had died. By last, they went to see the corpse of the dead man that was in his bed covered by a sheet: the old man picked it up and could see that the dead person was himself, Mr. Scrooge.

A happy awakening

The next morning, Scrooge woke up and realized that it had all been a dream. They had not passed 3 days, it was Christmas, and this discovery made him jump out of bed crazy with joy. He ran out onto the street and into a food store, He asked the businessman to sell him the biggest turkey he had and to take it to his secretary's house. Then he dressed in his best clothes and went to his nephew's house, greeted everyone hugging them and spent the day with them, laughing and playing. The next morning, when the secretary arrived at the office, gave her a raise and promised to find the best doctors so her son could be cured. Since then he was an honest and happy man, who everyone wanted. And their Christmases were never sad and lonely again.

Where and when can I collect my tenth prize?

Prize can be collected the same day 22, Although this year being Sunday it will depend on the administrations and financial entities that decide to open their doors. Depending on the amount of the prize with which we have been awarded we will have to go to different places; if it is less than or equal to 2.500 euros can be collected at any lottery administration, and if it is superior, you should go to concerted financial entities (BBVA, Santander, CaixaBank, CZECH) or to commercial delegations of Lotteries to make their collection. The maximum payment period expires after 3 months.

Tales classified by characters and elements

abuelitasabuelosaguaalumnosamigosancianosanimalesarbolesaventurasbarcosbosquesbrujasbrujoscaballeroscaperucitacastilloscazadoresclasescolegioscolorescomidasconcursosconejoscuentoscuevasdragonesduendesdulcesel-marenfermedadesescuelasfamiliasfantasíafiestasfloresgigantesgolosinasguerreroshadashechizoshijashijosinsectosislasjardinesjovenesjuegosjuguetesla-selvaladronesleonesletraslibroslobosluchasmadresmaestrasmaestrosmagiamagosmalvadosmamasmiedomonosmonstruosmontañasmusicamusicosnavidadnavideñosniñasniñosnubesogrospadrespajarospalaciosPapa NoelpapaspecesperrosplanetaspobrespocionesprincesasprincipesprofesorespueblosratonesregalosreinasreinosreyesrobosríossabiosSanta Claustesorostigres

їHow many prizes are distributed?

The next 22 from December, the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway will distribute a total of 2.408 million euros in prizes, exactly 28 million more than the previous year, so the graced with the 'Fat’ they will receive 400.000 euros to the tenth, with 640 million euros to be distributed with this main prize.

Total, the draw will distribute 24,4 million prizes. For that day, have been issued 160 series of 100.000 tickets each, with an emission amounting to 3.200 millions of euros, of which the 70 percent goes to awards. The second prize will amount to 1,25 million euros and the third is 500.000 euros. Breaths, there will be two fourth prizes of 200.000 euros and eight fifths of 60.000 euros.

How to play

Tickets for El Gordo de Navidad are different from those found in other worldwide lotteries. Instead of buying an individual ticket, Navidad tickets are sold as a complete ticket, known as a “billete” or as a tenth ticket, known as “tenth”. It's more like a raffle, as players buy pre-printed tickets and each number can be sold up to 180 times in what is known as “series”, which means that there will be multiple tickets with the same number.

Award distribution

The prize levels below are per "billet":

First prize “El Gordo” 1 €4,000,000
Second Prize 1 €1,250,000
Third prize 1 €500,000
Fourth prize 2 €200,000
Fifth prize 8 €60,000

*The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the winning combinations drawn by the number of “billets” in the series. For example, if the number of “tickets” in the series were 180, would exist 180 x 4.000.000 € of prizes "El Gordo".

As the amount of the prize is per "billet", the value of the prize is divided by the number of players who participated in a "billet". For example, I know 10 players had a “tenth” each, should receive 1/10 do "ticket".

The table above shows the top five prize levels, but the “pedrea”, or “rain of prizes”, includes hundreds of other prizes drawn throughout the day.

El Gordo de Navidad sweepstakes often include a “variation” that gives players additional prizes for matching the chosen variation. For example, the variation for the draw of 2012 gave holders of any ticket number ending in 8 the right to claim a prize.

How to Play

Tickets for El Gordo de Navidad are unlike those in other world lotteries. Instead of buying a single ticket, Navidad tickets are sold as either a full ticket, known as a ‘billete’, or a tenth of a ticket known as a ‘decimo’. Rather like a raffle, players buy pre-printed tickets, and each number can be sold as many as 180 times in what is known as a ‘series’, meaning there will be multiple billetes displaying the same number.

Prize Breakdown

The prize tiers below are per billete:

First Prize “Fat” 1 €4,000,000
Second Prize 1 €1,250,000
Third Prize 1 €500,000
Fourth Prize 2 €200,000
Fifth Prize 8 €60,000

*The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the winning combinations drawn by the number of billetes in the series. For example, there would be 180 x €4,000,000 “Fat” prizes if the number of billetes in the series was 180.

†As the prize amount is per billete, the prize value is divided by the number of players participating on a billette. For example, if 10 players each had a ‘decimo’, they would receive 1/10 of the billet prize amount.

The table above shows the top 5 prize tiers but the ‘pedrea’, or ‘shower of prizes’, includes hundreds of further prizes drawn throughout the day.

El Gordo de Navidad draws frequently include a ‘variation’ which gives players additional prizes for matching the variation chosen. For example, the variation for the 2012 draw entitled the holder of any ticket number ending in 8 to claim a prize.

Christmas short stories on video

Finally we leave you 5 animated Christmas stories, to see and listen as a family:

The true story of the Christmas tree

What was the first Christmas tree? In this beautiful story you will find out.

Santa Claus saves Christmas

Timy in a boy who wants to be an astronomer when he grows up, and he just wants to ask Santa Claus for one thing ...

The barefoot boy

Pierre is a very poor boy who has no shoes, until Christmas day ...

Do you know the story of Rudolph the reindeer? Look how pretty…

Santa's Workshop

To end, we leave you a nice Disney animated short ...

What do you think of these Christmas stories? We are sure you will like them…

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“We were saying that he was going to hit the first ball”

Noura Akrouh and Elisabeth del Carmen Roque, of 12 and 13 years respectively, they have explained after singing the ‘Gordo’ that they had the feeling of giving the prize despite being the first of the Christmas Draw. “We were saying that he was going to hit the first ball”, Noura told the media gathered at the Teatro Real in Madrid

At 9.19 hours of this Sunday, just a few minutes after the drums of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw started spinning, Elisabeth and Noura sang the 26.590.

“At first I did not believe it”, Elisabeth has stated, recognizing that upon noticing the award they were “shaking her legs”, infecting on compaсera Noura. “We are always excited that it will touch us”, the girls have added, who already sang one of the great prizes last year.

“I'm going to celebrate it with my family”, Elisabeth has targeted journalists pounced on her and Noura, Accompanied by Santo Daniel de Leуn and Bileiky Lisselot Arias on the first panel, who have extracted the balls. It is one of the ‘fat’ most early risers in history, but he has not managed to overtake that of 2004, that appeared at 9.16 hours.

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