Texas Lottery - Texas Lotto

Texas lottery: game features, draw results and chances of winning

Varieties of Texas Lotto

This lottery is an internal drawing of a lottery game, twice a week. The price of one participation is one dollar. In this kind of drawing, there are two matrices of numbers - white and red. The competitor must choose a total of five numbers for their ticket, four of which are selected from the "white", and one bonus - from the "red". And the main, and bonus balls are presented in the range from 1 to 35.

All or nothing (All or Nothing)

The lottery game is held 24 times during the week. Grand Prize - 250 thousand US dollars. The essence of the game is, what the participant should choose 12 personal combination numbers. Matrix is ​​represented by a numeric field 1*24. To win, you either need to guess everything 12 numbers of the winning combination, or not guess any of the given values ​​of the circulation.

Cash Five

This game is played every day in 10:12 afternoon according to local time. Each participant must choose 5 numbers from the matrix 1*37. Lottery win rate is 1 to 8.

Pick 3

This game holds four draws throughout the day.. The rules are simple - from the range of 0 to 9 should choose 3 numbers, with which the player will try to win prizes. In addition to the main number combination in this lottery, there are a number of additional options, which can be found in detail on the official website of the representative.

Texas Triple Chance

In this game, the value selection matrix is ​​represented by a range from 1 to 55. Each participant must choose seven values ​​for the game. Time of the lottery game drawing - 10:12 evenings local time.

Apart from this kind of one-tier lotteries, Texas lottery joins the consortium of the most famous international lotteries. This is Megamillions (MegaMillions) and Powerball (PowerBall). Such cooperation with the world leaders in the gambling industry gives players a chance to try their hand at fighting for millions of dollars..

Lotto Texas Jackpot Facts

  1. during the entire existence of the Texas lottery, participants have won more than 55 billion dollars;
  2. to help the state of Texas and to conduct various social programs, the lottery allocated a total of 21 billion dollars;
  3. famous lottery winner is Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson (former Dallas Cowboys midfielder).

Texas Lotto - a real chance to win!

The Texas lottery has a fairly high odds of winning, available to every player. Game ticket price is minimal, and many players participate in it regularly, than increase your chances of winning.

The results of the last Texas lottery draw appear in the public domain on the game's official website within a few hours after the draw.. You can also check the lottery ticket and find out the results of the drawing on the pages of the Internet resources of verified intermediaries.

The organizers of the lottery game provide detailed information about the rules and features of the game, and strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with them before, than buy a Texas Lotto lottery ticket.

Lottery Name Maximum Jackpot
Uk National Lottery EUR167 million
Mega Millions $656 million
Euromillions GBP 167 million
Powerball $1.6 Billions
Euro Jackpot 90 million EUR

Features and rules of the game

Lotto Texas, like most foreign lottery games requires players to be of legal age to participate in the lottery. If a lottery ticket becomes a winner, then the participant must present it within 180 days from the time of the drawing.

Lotto Texas lottery ticket price is more than acceptable (one game - one dollar), this makes the game available to any participant.

The current format of the lottery game has in the lottery drum 54 event, six of which drop in a winning combination.

The minimum jackpot in Lotto Texas is 4 million US dollars. Lottery draws are held consistently on Wednesday and Saturday. Draw time - 10:12 afternoon (according to local time).

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