Gambling industry in Mauritius

Mauritius lotto

Features of the gambling industry in Mauritius

It is customary on the island to go to gambling houses in full dress.. At the entrance of respectable casinos, security is on duty and there is face control. Guests in shorts and beach slippers are swept away immediately. Almost every casino has slot machines, roulette and you can play several types of poker.

Casino on the island of Mauritius

Popular gambling houses in Mauritius

  • The Amicale de Port Louis Casino, open daily from 10 morning until 2 hours of the night. The choice of gambling entertainment is small here: two tables for card games, two roulettes and 62 slots;
  • Grand Casino du Domaine in Port Louis. Waiting for guests with 10:00 to 02:00 on weekdays and from 08:00 to 04:00 on weekends and holidays. The largest and most popular gambling establishment in the Indian Ocean. Differs from the rest with a high level of service, a large number of poker and blackjack tables, several types of roulettes;
  • Casino de Maurice in Curepip. Open from 10:00 to 02:00 on weekdays and from 08:00 to 04:00 on weekends. There are two poker and three blackjack tables, 15 tables for board games and 12 types of roulette;
  • Caudan Waterfront Casino, no less popular casino in Port Louis. There is 197 slots, 15 card tables, roulette, bar and large restaurant area. Work with 10:00 to 4:00 from Monday to Thursday and from 20:00 to 04:00 from friday to sunday;
  • Diamond Cruise Glory Sea, floating casino, open since july 2016 of the year. On board the ship at guests' disposal 16 card tables and forty slot machines.

Another feature of the Mauritius gambling industry: almost every large hotel has its own casino. Tourists won't have to go far to get games, junket tours are very developed here. Plus, upon entering the room, the hotel gives guests a few chips (a total of about three dollars). Standard advertising gimmick, but it works.

Major casino hotels in Mauritius

  • One and Only Le Saint Geran, five-star hotel an hour's drive from the center of Port Louis, state capitals;
  • Hole Aux Biches, four-star hotel twenty kilometers from Port Louis;
  • Le Victoria, hotel complex ten kilometers from the Grand Bay resort. The hotel has its own small casino;
  • Five-star Paradis Hotel & Golf Club on the Le Morne Peninsula. The hotel has a casino with poker tables and roulette, slot machine hall;
  • Four-star Sugar Beach hotel twenty five kilometers from Port Louis.

Other gambling entertainment in Mauritius

In the capital of the republic, Port Louis, horse races are held several times a year at the city's main hippodrome. You can place bets on horses. The spectator area at the hippodrome is divided into two sectors: lower - free and upper - seats for VIP guests. The entrance to the VIP zone will cost 70 euro per person. The ticket price includes unlimited champagne.

In addition to horse racing, they are in demand here.:

  • Mauritius National Lottery;
  • Online casino. There are no local online gambling resources on the island. But access to foreign sites with slots, poker and roulette are not prohibited.

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