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Players can choose from 6 to 15 numbers ranging from 01 to 60. Match 4x, 5tee or 6 numbers guarantees a prize in one of the prize categories. The price of the bet increases depending on the number of possible combinations of 6 numbers based on the selected numbers. Ticket prices range from R $ 2.00 per 6 numbers (only one play combination is possible) up to R $ 10,010.00 for 15 rooms (possible 5005 game combinations). The chance of winning the jackpot in the case of the minimum bet is 1 of 50.063.860.

Players can choose the option to automatically dial the numbers on the ticket at random (Surprise). You can also play the same set of numbers in 2x, 4x or 8 runs in a row.


Payouts on winnings are approximately 46 % ticket revenue. Of them:

  • 35 % the prize fund is determined by the winners, guessing 6 numbers.
  • 19 % the prize fund is determined by the winners, guessing 5 numbers.
  • 19 % the prize fund is determined by the winners, guessing 4 numbers.
  • 22 % the prize fund is postponed for a special drawing, held every 5th draw.
  • 5 % the prize fund is deposited into the prize fund of the special New Year's drawing Mega Da Virada (Mega Of The Turn), cm. below.

Income tax equals 13,8 %. The net prize pool estimate is actually about 32,2 % from lottery profits.

The winners are determined 90 days for that, to get your winnings. Prizes less than R $ 800 can be claimed at the lottery office. Larger prizes must be obtained from a federal bank Federal Savings Bank. If the prize is left without an owner for 90 days, money is transferred to the state and determined for educational programs.

Rest 54 % sales profits are allocated to operating expenses and social programs.

Mega Sena lottery results

The whole world is looking forward to the results of the draw on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00. After all, you can win good sums of money and make any of your dreams come true..

Payout amount, which goes to winnings, is about 46% income from all tickets sold on a specific date.

The dependence of the prize amount on the number of guessed numbers is presented below:

  • Guess what 6 numbers - 35% fund
  • Guess what 5 numbers - 19% fund
  • Guess what 4 numbers - 19% fund

Of course, the indicated amounts are divided among all winners in each category. Besides, 22% the entire prize pool from each game is postponed for an additional drawing, which are held with a period of 5 games. And also 5% goes to New Year's game Mega Da Virada.

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