Sri Lanka gambling

Казино на шри-ланке

All kinds of gambling

The following games can be played on the island:

  • black Jack;
  • roulette;
  • Rapid roulette;
  • baccarat;
  • three card poker;
  • poker texas hold'em;
  • asian poker;
  • Caribbean Stud Poker;
  • poker omaha;
  • indian flush;
  • mini flash;
  • “casino war”;
  • rammi.

Top Casinos - Colombo

Sri Lanka's legal casinos are concentrated in the capital Colombo, on a narrow coastal strip of a prestigious commercial area, adjacent to parks, beaches, shopping centers and offices of large companies. At the moment there are 10 operating casinos. Among them:

  • Ballys Colombo;
  • Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka;
  • Casino Marina Colombo;
  • Continental Club;
  • Crown Club;
  • Kollupitiya Casino;
  • MGM Colombo Casino;
  • Stardust Casino Colombo;
  • The Ritz Club;
  • Tokyo Club.

In general, all casinos have about 190 tables for the game, among them 40 poker, and besides, more than a hundred slot machines.

Everything for poker lovers

Marina Colombo casino has a Jim's Poker Room for forty tables. It has a poker school for everyone who wants to learn this noble card game..

Royal service

There are four best casinos, which are controlled by Dhammika Perera:

  • Ballys Colombo;
  • Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka;
  • Casino Marina Colombo;
  • MGM Colombo Casino.

Dhammika Perera – this is a sri lankan millionaire, from 19 years in gambling business. He's in control now 10% all companies on the island. Casinos under his auspices are considered one of the best in Central Asia. for example, Casino Marina Colombo – four-story building, where each room is dedicated to a different category of players, from ordinary to VIP-persons.

These gambling houses have their own restaurants and bars., they cooperate with the best hotels in the capital. They offer guests private parking. there is also a club system of cards and a package system “all inclusive” for VIP clients and junket tour participants. The packages include:

  • accommodation in 4- or 5 star hotel;
  • round-trip air ticket;
  • transfer airport-casino;
  • casino discounts;
  • free food and drinks.

Top three casinos

The rest of the gambling houses provide everything you need for a good game and a pleasant stay.. One of the best independent casinos from Dhammiki Perera – это Stardust Casino Colombo, the second largest on the island, in him 40 tables for card games. At the first place, by the way, located casino Casino Marina Colombo, where is located 90 card tables, 40 poker tables, 70 slot machines. Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka in third place - 32 table, but at the same time 4 slot machines. = tfUXG90-lzE

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