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Euromillions winners: top 10 biggest jackpots won

Claim Your Prize Within 180 Days

EuroMillions tickets are valid for 180 days from the date of the draw in the UK, so you have this time to come forward and claim your prize. The process for claiming prizes varies depending on whether you played online or bought your ticket from a retailer.

If you win the Superdraw jackpot, you must telephone the National Lottery to discuss when and where you would like to collect your prize in person. You will need to provide proof of your identity and complete a claim form first of all. A number of security checks will then be conducted to ensure you are the rightful owner of the winning ticket. If you have played via a retailer, you should immediately sign the back of your ticket to stop it being picked up and used by someone else.

If the claim deadline passes without you claiming you prize, the money will be donated to the Good Causes Fund.

The Advantages of Playing the EuroMillions Superdraw Online

Playing the EuroMillions Superdraw online is not only more comfortable, but it can also help you increase your odds of winning the big jackpot. Here are only a few of the game options available online on theLotter that will skyrocket your chances of becoming a Superdraw winner:

Play with Syndicates – enter the Superdraw together with a group of players and increase your chances of scooping the big jackpot by playing with more tickets for an affordable price.

Play with Bundles – play with a ticket and a share in a syndicate for a diverse lottery experience in the EuroMillions. You also get a better price for both of them.

Play with Systematic Forms – use statistics to your advantage and play with every possible combination of your lucky numbers. If you match the drawn EuroMillions numbers, you will have more prize-winning tickets.

Who Are the Biggest Superdraw Winners?

The EuroMillions Superdraw has made quite a few winners over the years, but some of them have joined the ranks of the biggest winners in the history of this lottery. This is the Superdraw Hall of Fame! Find out the amazing stories behind the largest wins in this special lottery event!

Anonymous Winner, Spain – €190 Million

EuroMillions players will long remember 6 October 2017 as the day that an anonymous winner scooped the entire €190 million jackpot! Of course, since the winner is anonymous, there are questions about their identity, but in this case, there are even more questions! For one thing, the winning ticket was sold in the popular vacation destination of Gran Canaria, so while the history books record the Superdraw winner as being Spanish, there’s a good chance that the winner is a tourist from another country. How do you top that vacation? With €190 million in the bank, you can certainly try!

Anonymous Winner, Portugal – €190 Million

2014 was a busy year for Superdraws with 3 taking place that year alone. On 3 October 2014, the third of the year took place. There were no Superdraw winners in the initial draw and the jackpot continued to roll over until it reached its cap of €190 million. On 24 October, a single Portuguese ticket holder took the entire jackpot! Considering how hard of a hit Portugal took in the financial crisis that shook the Eurozone, that lucky winner was especially lucky!

Anonymous Winner, Belgium – €168 Million

EuroMillions underwent a host of rule changes in September 2016 and celebrated the makeover with a Superdraw on 30 September. An unprecedented €130 million starting jackpot got everyone’s attention, although no one won the first draw. One lucky, anonymous Belgian scooped 2016’s only Superdraw on 11 October!

What is a EuroMillions Superdraw?

A Superdraw, also referred to as a jackpot event or even a Megadraw in some countries, is a EuroMillions draw which offers a stupendous guaranteed jackpot. Superdraws are usually scheduled a few times a year, and ensure the top prize will be a magnificent nine-figure amount.

The jackpot for the Superdraw on Friday 20th April will be €130 million (approximately £112 million). The draw will take place at the same time as a regular draw, approximately 21:00 local time in Paris (20:00 UK time), with the prize breakdown released shortly afterwards.

Ticket sales will close at around 20:30 local time (19:30 in the UK). You enter a Superdraw in the same way as you would play any other draw, by visiting an authorised retailer in one of the nine participating countries or by taking part online.

When Is the Next Superdraw?

The next EuroMillions Superdraw is scheduled to take place on Friday 7th June 2019, and it will offer a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million (around £110 million). It will be the third one to take place in the last 12 months, after Superdraws on 21st September and 1st February. The one in September was not won on the night but rolled over three times to hit £144 million before being won by a single Swiss ticket holder. The second one also rolled over, that time reaching £152 million before a player from Ireland won it.

Past Superdraws have led to some record prizes, including the €190 million jackpots won by players in Spain and Portugal in September 2017 and October 2014 respectively.

You can play the EuroMillions Superdraw in the same way you would any other draw. Simply pick up a ticket from any lottery retailer or choose your numbers online. Tickets cost the same as they usually do, and you still need to match all five numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the special jackpot.

Prize Amounts and Statistics

Here is how the EuroMillions prize fund is distributed across each of the 13 prize tiers. The table also shows statistics for the highest and lowest amount ever given away in each category, along with the highest and lowest number of winners in each tier.

Match % Prize Fund Odds of Winning Lowest Ever Prize Amount Highest Ever Prize Amount Average Prize Amount Per Draw Lowest Ever Winners Highest Ever Winners Average Winners Per Draw
5 + 2 50% 1 in 139,838,160 €17,000,000.00 €190,000,000.00 €59,501,591.35 2 0.2
5 + 1 2.61% 1 in 6,991,908 €64,840.10 €5,227,531.10 €422,836.78 17 3.5
5 + 0 0.61% 1 in 3,107,515 €7,000.00 €969,918.10 €60,700.70 36 8.3
4 + 2 0.19% 1 in 621,503 €309.80 €9,956.60 €3,196.61 8 172 42
4 + 1 0.35% 1 in 31,075 €61.30 €266.30 €163.94 249 3,119 823
3 + 2 0.37% 1 in 14,125 €23.10 €179.30 €102.53 517 6,898 1,838
4 + 0 0.26% 1 in 13,811 €21.50 €91.90 €56.86 630 5,668 1,846
2 + 2 1.30% 1 in 985 €8.40 €31.10 €18.91 7,338 98,958 26,263
3 + 1 1.45% 1 in 706 €7.40 €20.30 €14.06 12,558 116,308 35,976
3 + 0 2.70% 1 in 314 €6.40 €17.30 €11.74 29,444 221,456 80,571
1 + 2 3.27% 1 in 188 €4.40 €16.50 €10.01 38,881 486,402 136,819
2 + 1 10.30% 1 in 49 €4.30 €11.10 €7.69 181,198 1,438,780 512,210
2 + 0 16.59% 1 in 22 €3.20 €5.30 €4.30 488,245 2,959,529 1,145,546

Figures calculated using results drawn between 27/09/2016 and 21/08/2020.

This column displays the percentage of the prize fund allocated to each prize level. The remaining 10% goes into a separate fund, known as the Booster Fund, which is used to ensure there is always enough for the advertised minimum jackpot of €17 million. EuroMillions occasionally holds special draws or promotions, where the guaranteed minimum jackpot can be increased up to as much as €130 million, using surplus funds from the Booster Fund.

The 50% allocated to the jackpot only applies for the first five draws in a series of rollovers. Once the top prize has rolled over five times in a row, the ‘Match 5 + 2’ allocation is adjusted down to 42% until the jackpot gets won. The remaining 8% goes to the Booster Fund, ensuring that this reserve pot receives 18% of funds from the sixth draw in a rollover series until the jackpot is won.

The lowest and highest prize amounts for each prize tier, other than the jackpot, are in respect of individual winning tickets.
The Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars prize values represent the total jackpot amounts regardless of how many winning tickets there were.

All prize data included in the table above relates to EuroMillions lottery draw results since 27th September 2016 when the Lucky Star pool increased from 11 numbers to 12. The details provided are for information purposes only and are not indicative of future prize values.

What is a Superdraw?

Superdraws are special events which only take place a few times a year. They go by different names in the nine participating countries, including Megadraws in Ireland and Super Jackpots in France, and are scheduled a few weeks in advance.

In a Superdraw, the jackpot is increased to a set amount, usually €130 million. It doesn’t matter if the jackpot has been won or not in the preceding draw, or whether it was a long way short of the advertised figure. Tuesday’s top prize was worth £22 million, so it is a huge boost of almost £100 million for this Superdraw.

The jackpot is topped up to €130 million from the Reserve Fund, which receives a percentage of the prize fund from every single draw. The money only becomes available for this sort of prize every few months, as the Reserve Fund is mainly in place to ensure that the minimum jackpot of €17 million can always be paid for.

If the jackpot isn’t won on the night, it rolls over to the next draw as normal and an even larger amount will be put up for grabs. There is a jackpot cap of €190 million in EuroMillions, so there is room for it keep growing for several more draws.

Big Winners

Superdraws have helped to create some of the game’s biggest jackpots, including the €175 million winners from Ireland who finally halted the run of rollovers after the most recent big event in February. Players from Portugal and Spain have also previously claimed the maximum €190 million following Superdraws.

The biggest wins in the UK date back several years, to Chris and Colin Weir’s £161 million jackpot in July 2011 and then Adrian and Gillian Bayford’s £148 million payout in August 2012. The third winner on the list, though, received their £121 million prize following a Superdraw in April 2018. They came forward just a few days later and chose to stay anonymous.

A UK winner in tonight’s Superdraw would slot in just below in the country’s all-time list, alongside the Northern Ireland couple who pocketed £114 million on 1st January this year. Frances and Patrick Connolly, from County Amagh, also came forward very quickly, revealing that they had celebrated with a cup of tea and planned to share the money with around 50 of their loved ones.

February 2020 — Changes to the Jackpot Cap

On 1st February 2020 a number of changes were made to EuroMillions and the jackpots on offer. The changes were implemented to help jackpots grow bigger and faster than under previous game rules, without an increase in ticket price or the number of balls to choose from. In addition, the new prize structure meant that the average number of Superdraws taking place each year would increase.

The Jackpot Cap, which stood at €190 million since January 2012, increased to €200 million, with the potential of climbing further to €250 million in future. Read more about the EuroMillions jackpot cap changes from February 2020.

All About the Superdraw Jackpot

The jackpot for the EuroMillions Superdraw is worth at least €100 million. It will have the announced amount regardless of how big the previous jackpot gets. The first prize in regular EuroMillions draws starts out at €17 million and then it can get as high as €190 million, which is the game’s established cap. For Superdraws, jackpots are of at least €100 million, which is a significant boost.

If the Superdraw jackpot is not won, then the amount increases further in the following draws until it reaches the €190 million cap. After that, the first prize stays at the maximum amount for three more draws, at the most. If there is no jackpot winner on the fourth €190 million draw, then the entire amount is split between the winners of the following category.

Superdraw Marks New EuroMillions Era

Superdraws push the jackpot up to a guaranteed amount such as €130 million regardless of what happened in the preceding draw, so it did not matter that the top prize on Tuesday had only been worth £34 million (€40 million).

These special draws help to create some of the game’s biggest winners and are set to take place even more often under new rules that were introduced on 1st February. The latest Superdraw was scheduled to coincide with these changes.

The changes have seen the prize structure adjusted so that a higher percentage of the prize fund goes to the jackpot in every draw. The jackpot is therefore set to rise even faster from draw to draw.

The jackpot cap has also been increased to €200 million as part of the latest changes, setting up the possibility of a new record for the largest-ever win. The current record for the biggest jackpot stands at €190 million, which was most recently hit on Tuesday 8th October when someone from the UK pocketed the whole lot (worth £170 million). 

Don’t Forget To Claim

If you’re not sure whether you have won a prize in the latest draw, use the EuroMillions Checker or the new EuroMillions App to compare the numbers on your ticket against the official results. Don’t forget to look at the Millionaire Maker code too, then make sure to come forward and claim in time if you are a winner.

Millions in prize money goes unclaimed every year, whether because of players forgetting to check their tickets, losing them or not realising there is a deadline for claims. The most recent UK jackpot winner, who landed £40 million on 3rd December, has still not claimed their prize more than two months later. The winning ticket, which was sold in Dorset, will expire on 31st May.

The best way to avoid missing out on prizes is to play online, as you don’t have to worry about keeping a ticket safe and will always be notified when you win. You can also take part at a time that suits you on your phone, computer or tablet, so you won’t be caught up in a queue in-store.

Whether you purchase your tickets from an authorised retailer or choose your numbers online, you can take part in Tuesday’s draw now for the chance to become the next EuroMillions winner

The biggest jackpots

In the event that the Euromillions Superdraw is not drawn on the appointed date, its special prize fund is able to generate one of the largest jackpots in the history of the lottery in the next draw. For example, in the last Superdraw, which was held on February 1, 2019, a special jackpot reached the amount of 175 million euros, which the family from Ireland eventually won after a series of 5 rollovers.

In the absence of winners over a long series of rollovers jackpot can grow up to 190 million euros, after which its growth will be stopped according to the Euromillions rules established by the founders of the lottery. In the entire history of the EuroMillions draw, the main prize has reached the maximum level three times, but since 2017 this has not happened once.

What Is a Superdraw?

A EuroMillions Superdraw is a special event in the calendar, when the jackpot is boosted to a huge guaranteed sum, usually over £100 million. They take place several times a year but are not scheduled for specific dates. Instead, news of a Superdraw is usually announced a few weeks before it is due to take place.

The draw is just like a normal one in every other way. If no one wins the jackpot on the night of the Superdraw, the jackpot prize money will roll over to the next draw, and it will continue to do so until someone wins it. There is a good chance that it could even roll over to hit its €190 million jackpot, as has happened several times before.

Don’t miss your chance to win

There were only two Superdraws in 2017 and the upcoming event will be the first of its kind this year, so opportunities to enter these incredible draws are not to be missed. You need to match five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12 to land the jackpot, but there are also 12 other prize tiers so you can bank cash sums for matching as few as two main numbers. By playing multiple lines in a syndicate, you stand a better chance of collecting several smaller awards even if you miss out on one of the top prizes.

Whether the Superdraw jackpot is won on the night or rolls over and continues to climb, it promises to be another spectacular event and will have the winning numbers and prize information for you as soon as they are available. Good luck!

Total Winners to Date

The total number of EuroMillions winners across all thirteen prize tiers is shown below. This is updated shortly after the latest draw has taken place.

Number of players that have won a EuroMillions prize since 13th February 2004:


To view a comprehensive breakdown of winners from all countries, visit the Winner Statistics page.

Biggest Jackpot Winners from the UK

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 8th October 2019 £170,221,000 Anonymous
Tuesday 12th July 2011 £161,653,000 Colin and Chris Weir, Largs, Scotland
Friday 10th August 2012 £148,656,000 Adrian and Gillian Bayford, Haverhill, Suffolk
Tuesday 11th June 2019 £123,458,008 Anonymous
Tuesday 24th April 2018 £121,328,187 Anonymous
Tuesday 1st January 2019 £114,969,775 Patrick and Frances Connolly, Moira, Northern Ireland

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Austria

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 16th May 2008 €55,609,411 Anonymous, Carinthia
Tuesday 19th August 2014 €54,304,297 Anonymous, Tirol
Friday 6th March 2009 €50,000,000 Anonymous, Styria
Friday 5th March 2010 €46,258,004 Anonymous, Burgenland
Tuesday 8th May 2018 €45,566,998 Anonymous, Tirol

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Belgium

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 11th October 2016 €168,085,323 Anonymous, Schaerbeek
Tuesday 2nd June 2017 €153,873,716 Anonymous, Flemish Region
Tuesday 21st August 2018 €107,839,228 Anonymous, Flemish Region
Friday 9th February 2007 €100,000,000 Anonymous, Tirlemont
Tuesday 25th June 2013 €93,968,807 Anonymous

Biggest Jackpot Winners from France

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 13th November 2012 €169,837,010 Anonymous, Alpes-Maritime
Tuesday 13th September 2011 €162,256,622 Anonymous, Calvados
Friday 29th March 2013 €132,486,744 Anonymous, Seine-et-Marne
Friday 21st December 2012 €101,835,641 Anonymous, Haute-Garonne
18th September 2009 €100,000,000 Anonymous, Bouches du Rhône

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Ireland

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 19th February 2019 €175,475,380 Anonymous, Co Dublin
Friday 29th July 2005 €115,436,126 Dolores McNamara, Co Limerick
Tuesday 25th June 2013 €93,968,807 Anonymous, Co Dublin
Tuesday 24th January 2017 €88,587,275 Anonymous, Co Dublin
Friday 19th September 2014 €86,732,923 Anonymous, Co Dublin

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Luxembourg

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 27th September 2013 €65,793,284 Anonymous
Friday 9th January 2015 €31,666,941 Anonymous
Friday 24th January 2020 €28,601,720

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Portugal

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 24th October 2014 €190,000,000 Anonymous, Castelo Branco
Friday 20th November 2015 €163,553,041 Anonymous, Eiras
Friday 17th January 2020 €100,779,289 Anonymous, Mafra
Friday 6th March 2015 €100,000,000 Anonymous
Tuesday 14th March 2017 €80,571,199 Anonymous, Faro

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Spain

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 6th October 2017 €190,000,000 Anonymous, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Tuesday 7th July 2020 €144,542,315 Anonymous, Mayorga, Valladolid
Friday 13th June 2014 €137,313,501 Anonymous, Parla, Madrid
Friday 7th February 2020 €130,000,000 Anonymous, Madrid
Friday 8th May 2009 €126,231,764 Anonymous, Majorca

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Switzerland

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 2nd October 2018 €162,403,002 | CHF 183,897,039.30 Anonymous, North-West Switzerland
Tuesday 19th December 2017 €135,346,147 | 157,096,272.80 Anonymous, Zurich
Friday 23rd August 2013 €93,948,087 | CHF 115,507,763.80 Anonymous, Valais
Friday 6th April 2018 €76,119,641 | CHF 89,415,763.15 Anonymous
Tuesday 11th November 2011 €67,939,183 | CHF 83,979,625.35 Anonymous
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