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Skandinбv lottу

Az 1999 уta jбtszott Skandinбv lottу jбtйkban 35 szбmbуl 7-et kell megjelцlni. A lottу szбmok kцzьl 7 szбmot gйppel, 7 szбmot kйzzel hъznak ki.
A jбtйkos akkor nyer, ha bбrmelyik — kйzzel, vagy gйppel — kisorsolt 7 lottуszбmbуl mezхnkйnt legalбbb 4 talбlata van. Akбr mindkйt sorsolбson lehet

Skandinбv lottу szбmok
2020. 34. heti (sorsolбs: 2020.08.19.) lottуszбmok:
Gйpi sorsolбsъ lottуszбmok:
  • 5
  • 14
  • 15
  • 22
  • 24
  • 31
  • 33
Kйzi sorsolбsъ lottуszбmok:
  • 2
  • 17
  • 22
  • 29
  • 31
  • 33
  • 34
Skandinбv lottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
6 71 253 630 Ft
5 3032 5 940 Ft
4 43965 1 525 Ft
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Ezen a Skandinбv lottу sorsolбson nem volt telitalбlat, tovбbb halmozуdik a lottу nyeremйny.A kцvetkezх hйten vбrhatу fхnyeremйny a Skandinбv lottуn (egy nyertes esetйn): 280 milliу Forint!
Skandinбv lottуszбmok
kцv. sorsolбsa:

Duna TV,

augusztus 26, szerda kb. 20:30,
friss adatok 21:00 utбn. A lottуszбmokat szerda 18:00-ig jбtszhatod meg.

  • Skandinбv lottу nyerхszбm-tippek, kockбzatmentes ingyenes tippjбtйk
  • Nyertek mбr valaha az бlalad hasznбlt lottуszбmok a Skandinбv lottуn? Ellenхrizd
  • Mi lenne ha megnyernйd a Skandinбv lottу mostani fхnyeremйnyйt? Бlmodozz йs kalkulбlj!
  • A Skandinбv lottу a kedvenced, nyertйl mбr? Szavazz, йs nйzd meg, hogy a tцbbiek melyik lottуt szeretik!
  • Eddigi Skandinбv lottу sorsolбsok nyerхszбmai
  • Statisztika: Skandinбv lottу nyerхszбmok eddigi elхfordulбsi gyakorisбga

Szerinted manipulбljбk a lottу sorsolбsokat?Van vйlemйnyed a lottуkrуl?Ha igen, нrd meg, szуlj hozzб!(regisztrбciу йs nйv nйlkьl)

Gйpi vagy kйzi lottу hъzбs? Van йrtelme a fхnyeremйny halmozбsбnak? Melyik lottуn jбtszol? Nyertйl mбr?

#5578 2020.08.19 ARI: (-)
#5568 2020.08.16 Retro jozsi: (-)
#5567 2020.08.16 V: (-)

A hozzбszуlбsok csak a hozzбszуlуk vйlemйnyйt tьkrцzik.
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Talбltбl itt olyan lottу vйlemйnyt, amit ajбnlanбl mбsoknak?                

How To Play Finland Lotto Online

As mentioned earlier, you have to be 15 years or older to play the Finland Lotto. It is a game where you need to choose 7 Finland Lottery numbers from the pool of 39. A single line with the lotto will cost you as little as 1 Euro when you buy your tickets in the country. There are other ways to enhance your winning chances – enter the Joker game or else you can opt for the available Double, and this will cost you another 0.25 Euro, but is every cent worth it. The Finland Lotto comes with a guaranteed jackpot of at least 700,000 Euro, so all that it requires from you is to get the correct 7 numbers lined up.

Choose your own lucky numbers or choose Quickpick where numbers are randomly selected for you. Matching all 7 of the main numbers makes you a winner of the first division prize – the big jackpot. Even though the lotto starts off at €700,000, it can grow into much larger sums of money. It rolls over each time its not won and after 5 draws if it still hasn’t been won, the prize money is then distributed amongst winners of the second prize tier. Don’t miss out because the draw is on Saturday 8.45pm and after 8.30, the cut-off time for buying tickets, you don’t want to miss out.

  • If the lottery isn’t won, it’s rolled over
  • It’s a traditional jackpot game, using a matrix 7/39
  • Additional number – the bonus – is used to determine 2nd-prize winners


A Hatoslottу jбtйkban 45 szбmbуl 6 lottуszбmot kell megjelцlni.
Az nyer, aki a kisorsolt 6 nyerхszбm kцzьl legalбbb hбrmat eltalбlt egy szбmmezхben, йs akkor йr el telitalбlatot, ha az бltala megjelцlt mind a
6 szбm egyezik a kisorsolt nyerхszбmokkal.

Hatoslottу nyerхszбmok
2020. 33. heti (sorsolбs: 2020.08.16.) lottуszбmok:
  • 2
  • 5
  • 18
  • 29
  • 33
  • 44
Hatoslottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
5 68 203 605 Ft
4 2603 5 320 Ft
3 37309 1 740 Ft
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Senki nem talбlta el hibбtlanul ezeket a lottуszбmokat, folytatуdik a lottу nyeremйny gyarapodбsa.A kцvetkezх hйten vбrhatу fхnyeremйny a Hatoslottуn (egy nyertes esetйn): 445 milliу Forint!
Hatoslottу lottуszбmok
kцv. sorsolбsa:

Duna TV,

augusztus 23, vasбrnap 15:50 йs 16:30 kцzцtt,
friss adatok 17:00 utбn. A hatos lottуszбmokat vasбrnap 14:30-ig jбtszhatod meg.

  • Tudtad, hogy a Hatos- йs Цtцslottу akбr kьlfцldrхl is egyszerыen jбtszhatу?
  • Eddigi Hatoslottу nyerхszбmok
  • Nyertek mбr valaha a lottуszбmaid a Hatoslottуn? Ellenхrizd
  • Statisztika: Hatoslottу nyerхszбmok eddigi elхfordulбsi gyakorisбga
  • Ha senkinek sem jцttek be a lottуszбmok, akkor нgy halmozуdik a fхnyeremйny

History of The Veikkaus Lotto

Finland has a long lottery history and in fact, the first lotteries were already being organized in the 1940s. The Finnish government licensed the games, regulating the way people play and win. Known also as Veikkaus Lotto, the Finland Lotto was launched in 1970 with the first draw taking place on January 3rd 1971. The Lotto game’s popularity soon spread and this Finland Lottery 7/39 is a traditional jackpot and today, it’s the flagship game offered by Oy Veikkaus Ab. History tells us that the biggest jackpot won so far was in 2004 when a cool 5.7 million euro was won by a family who matched all the numbers when Finland lotto results were announced.

Other Lotteries Worth Checking out

Draws for the Finland Lotto take place each Saturday. If you want to know more about Finland Lotto results as well as other lotteries of the world and their results, check out Multilotto. It pays to sign up with a registered and licensed gaming company like Multilotto. You’ll find lotteries such as MegaMillions, Mega-Sena, Powerball, Irish Lotto, German Lotto, New York Lotto and El Gordo among many others. Multilotto provides useful information on each one so you can make your choice fully informed. Customers from more than 135 different countries all make use of Multi Lotto which communicates in 15 different languages.

Multilotto was launched in 2011. It is, in fact, one of the leading international betting services for lotteries. They aren’t a lottery operator but you can buy your tickets online and the Finland Lotto results and that of other lotteries will appear on the site immediately after the draw. It’s just a case of signing up, choosing your numbers, paying for them and waiting in anticipation.


Az Цtцslottу esetйn 90 szбmbуl 5-цt kell megjelцlni.
Az nyer, aki a kisorsolt lottуszбmok (5 db) kцzьl legalбbb kettхt eltalбlt egy szбmmezхben, йs akkor van telitalбlata (lottу цtцs), ha a megjelцlt mind az цt
szбm egyezik a kisorsolt lottуszбmokkal. Ez a klasszikus lottу, amit mбr 1957 уta
jбtszhatunk ebben a formбban.

Цtцslottу nyerхszбmok
2020. 33. heti (sorsolбs: 2020.08.15.) lottуszбmok:
  • 12
  • 13
  • 28
  • 45
  • 49
Цtцslottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
4 59 822 690 Ft
3 4101 12 375 Ft
2 99896 1 345 Ft
  Joker szбmok

Nincs 5 talбlatos szelvйny az Цtцslottуn, tovбbb hнzik a lottу nyeremйny.A kцvetkezх hйten vбrhatу fхnyeremйny az Цtцslottуn (egy nyertes esetйn): 1 milliбrd Forint!
Цtцslottу lottуszбmok
kцv. sorsolбsa:

Duna TV,

augusztus 22, szombat 18:30 йs 19:30 kцzцtt,
friss adatok 20:30 utбn. A lottуszбmokat szombat 17:30-ig jбtszhatod meg.

  • Цtцslottу eddigi nyerхszбmai
  • Nyertek mбr valaha az бltalad jбtszott lottуszбmok az Цtцslottуn? Ellenхrizd
  • Statisztika: Цtцslottу nyerхszбmok eddigi elхfordulбsi gyakorisбga
  • Mi lenne ha megnyernйd az eheti fхnyeremйnyt? Бlmodozz йs kalkulбlj! — lottу nyeremйny kalkulбtor
  • Цtцslottу szбmok, tippek, kockбzatmentes ingyenes tippjбtйk
  • Bejцttek a lottуszбmok? Szerinted a kьlfцldi lottуkon milyen eredmйnyt йrnйl el?
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